One important place to me is the Anne Loftus Playground I used to go to the park everyday during all year around when I was little just to go to the sprinklers and to play in the jungle gym, go sledding, make snowmans and showangles with parents. I remember during the winter time, when my dad would clean his car from the snow I would use the excuse to go with him and conceive him to go to the park because if how empty it is. However it was really difficult to make a snowman because you couldn’t find anything like branches because they were buried in the snow. Also we were never able to make a ball of snow so we would just make a mountain. In the summer it was very different because it’s always packed with kids and teens mind you I was a little kid so my parents were always skeptical about the older kids but i will always convince them somehow someway to take me to the park. One main reason I went to the park was to get Ice Cream from the Ice Cream truck I used to be in love with it during the

summer during the long hot summer days. I used to love this place so much but I grew out of it because of how many times I went so I just got annoyed of it. During the winter there is no scent it was just cold and empty however during the summer I would see lots of people playing having fun while smelling, the great scent of Ice cream but not vanilla or chocolate plain old flavors but fun fruity flavors like coconut, mango, cherry, and rainbow for $1.While your feeling like your in a brick oven.

  1. Stephen 1 year ago

    Dear Angelina, its awesome that you have a place that holds so many memories for you and is so nostalgic. Its also cool to know that i’ve been to that park your talking about, its a couple of stops from my neighborhood.

    I really loved the photo of the sun, being partially blocked the dying branches of the winter tree. It was an extremely interesting photograph.

    Thanks for sharing with us a place that is important to you, because now it’s more important to me.


  2. Kheriya 1 year ago

    Dear Angelina, your photos are beautiful. I find it real amazing how you took a picture from every single angle. I am in love with the last photo and how the sun looked in it. I really enjoyed looking at your photos, i hope you post more like these.

  3. Holley 1 year ago

    I really enjoyed your writing it was very personal and i enjoy that. I understand the feeling of loosing or distancing from a places you love due to reasons. It was very interesting to hear about snow too since iv’e never been in real snow before. thank you for writing this passage i enjoyed it a lot.

  4. Charissa 1 year ago

    Dear Angelina:
    I feel exuberant when I read your poem “ Anne Loftus Playground” because one of my favorite places is also a park that i use to go everyday after school to be with my friends.
    One part of your piece that stands out for me is where you spoke about how much you use to love the place so much but you grew out of it, because that’s how i also feel about my favorite place. I feel like that place will always be my favorite memory.
    Thanks for your poem I look forward to seeing what you make next, because maybe in the future it can become your children favorite place or maybe you can start going back there and hang during the summer time.

  5. Tori 1 year ago

    Dear Angelina, I really enjoyed your post, Anne Loftus Playground. The pictures you posted made me feel as if I was looking at the park directly and now just photos. The perspectives and angles were very good. I love how you included the memories with your family at this park. Thank you for writing.

  6. Jovana 1 year ago

    Dear Angelina, thank you for your post. I am surprised how great you showed us the places you love, even without any text! I think that is cool. I especially like how you took your photos from the different perspectives. Looking forward to see new photos from places you love!

  7. dust.eshan 1 year ago

    Dear Angelina, Its really amzing that you have shared your favourite place.I really like the way you have presented you place.Your pictures are absulotly stunning and lovely to watch.

    One part of your Photo session when you took the picture of the tree showing the sky was really cool and beautifull.

    Thanks alot that really inspire me to post about my favourite place.

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