I am Jaylin Santiago. I am a person who loves my friends and family and wouldn’t put anything above them. I was born on April 17th, 2004. Something that occurred that is extremely important to me is when I met my eight siblings and stayed in a house with them for a whole summer. I lived in Paterson, New Jersey with my mother and father, then moved to the Westside with my grandparents and my uncle and mom, and then moved to the East side with my mom.

Something I like in school is stem class. I enjoy the experiments and the people I have a class with. Something i am good at in school is taking notes and always looking on the positive side instead of the negative. For example, when someone is sad, I always talk about the positives in the situations or at least try to make them laugh. I enjoy doing my makeup and practicing different looks on myself or my mom. I am good at doing makeup and creating new exciting looks. I watched a lot of makeup videos on youtube and practiced a lot.

I am afraid of being a failure in life. I think I am more scared of what my parents’ reaction would be if I failed high school or dropped out. I would be scared of my mother’s reaction because everyone on her mother side lives comfortable and have all been successful, I would be scared to disappoint her especially because she has worked so hard to get me to where I want to be. I would be afraid for my father’s reaction because I don’t want him to compare to my other sisters and brothers. My oldest sister Caroline distance herself from our family to avoid conflict. My second oldest sister Katherine is gay and has many conflicts with my father. My sister Mayelin had a baby at 16. My brother is Raul wanted to be a gangster and did crazy things that got my father very angry, enough for my father to kick him out. My other brother Kevin is babied which gets my father angry because he sees him as “acting like a little girl”. Then there’s Jaylin a 14-15-year-old girl who passed all grades and is “daddy’s little girl” I would be sad if that ever changed. The relationship my father and I have was different from the rest of my brother and sister’s relationship with him. Of course, it is very important to me as well I would hate to be “living off the system” like my mother says which scares me. I already have a plan for the future but it’s hard trying to maintain. I promise myself to prosper and work as hard as I can to be as successful as I can be.


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