1. Mariam 3 weeks ago

    Dear Jillian:
    I am amazed by your post, “Prospect Park in the Rain,” because your pictures are really nicely taken and it looks like you really thought of which ones to use and how to take each one. I love how you made something so gloomy, like the rain, into something so pretty. One picture that stands out to me is the one with the close up tree branches. I think this is pretty because you can see the drops on the branches like if they want to fall and they’re just about to. Also I like how the background is blurred out. Another picture that I like was the one with bench. This stood out for me because I like how the color of the bench contrasts the background making it appear more vivid. Also the fact that the background is foggy makes it look almost mysterious and mystical.
    Your pictures remind me of like a forest or like a place outside of the city. This looks like a good place to go when you want an escape from the city. This reminds me of this one time when I went upstate and went for a trail walk. The way you took these photos gave me a similar feel and resemblance of what it looked like.
    Thanks for your post. I look forward to seeing what you post next because it seems like you have a lot to show and your pictures are really well taken, it looks like a professional took them.

  2. Orlando 4 weeks ago

    Hello Jillian, I enjoyed your poem and I enjoy these photos. Although this park could look scary at night, it looks like the perfect place to go for a run! We have a few parks here in Austin that have trees surrounding them like this but I do not think they look as peaceful as Prospect Park. You take good photographs, I especially liked how you get the water drops hanging from the branches/bench. I hope to see more of your pictures of your favorite places in New York!

  3. Jada 1 month ago

    dear Jullian, You’ve made me interested about the photos you’ve have taken. I’m a lover of rain and nature. I love when thunderstorms come meaning the thunder, the lightning, the smell of the rain all of it. so when i look at your pics I see beauty and inspiration from the place you love to go which is the park.

  4. Hatou 1 month ago

    Dear Jillian,

    I am astonished by your photographs, ‘Prospect Park in the Rain” because they made me more concerned about parks. I usually don’t go to parks, but you’ve made me interested in them just by taking excellent pictures on them.

    One of your photographs that stands out for me was when you took a close picture of the tree stems and how it showed many rain drops so beautifully. I think this picture stands out because it reminds me of spring, when it rains in the night and then the rain drops stay on the trees branches till morning. Your pictures look so real, you’d think you’re a professional photographer.

    Another photo that stands out is the one when you took a photo of the bench. In the background of that picture, you see lots of leaves on the ground, all soaked. Your pictures also showed how foggy parks would get and how they look just like the forests.

    Thank you for your outstanding photographs on the park “Prospect Park.” I am looking forward to you taking pictures of a different place and showing all the details needed. Your pictures gave me a clear idea of how parks look in the rain since it’s so rare for me to go outside in the rain.

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