1/4 of the homeless population are diagnosed with SMI’s, serious mental illnesses. Serious mental illnesses are classified as mental illnesses that seriously hinder an individuals functionality in life. These numbers have been steadily increasing since the 70’s, and mentally ill homeless people have become, in many cities, part of the scenery. Often times, these mental illnesses make it impossible or extremely difficult for those afflicted to get and hold jobs, houses, and other necessities to have a successful, enjoyable life. Contrary to popular belief, many mentally ill people are less likely to be violent than the general population, though they are more likely than the general public to become victimized.



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  1. Keeba 3 weeks ago

    Dear Sera,
    As a witness I can definitely tell that we usually walk pass homeless people thinking that they are Crazy not knowing that they actually have mental diseases. This is actually a topic that most people don’t get to bring to awareness. This is something that the government doesn’t address. Do you think is because they are focusing on people in shelters instead?

  2. Matt 3 weeks ago

    I think that mental health is very important as it is a big issue in or world. I think that mental illness prevents many from reaching their full potential. I wonder if most people develop these mental problems due to homeless or if their mental illness was genetic.

  3. Branigan 3 weeks ago

    Hey Sera,
    I found your post very interesting. I would just wonder how mental illness is effected by drug use, or if there is any correlation between drug usage in the homeless population and those who have mental illness. I just say this as many of the homeless I encounter seem to be dealing with a possible mixture of both of these things. This would be an interesting addition to the paper.

  4. Clara 3 weeks ago

    You said that the number of homeless people with mental illnesses has been increasing steadily since the 70’s. Why is that so? I think it is important how you mentioned the general public is more likely to be victimized, even if that is undeserving. You should expand on that for your explanatory essay.

  5. Patricia 3 weeks ago

    Mental illness being a serious issue, how can we as a society address this topic? Is there a solution to help those in need especially with this sort of problem?

  6. Ari 3 weeks ago

    Do you think that the fact that mental illness is increasing in the homeless population points to a larger issue in the healthcare system with properly addressing mental health and providing adequate care?

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