For my topic, I picked competition in sports. I want to know what drives people to be competitive, and how it helps them accomplish the goals that they need to. This topic interests me because I have been a competitive athlete for most of my life, and I am also very interested in psychology, so therefore I am extremely interested in the mentality behind athletic competition.

From my annotated source ( linked below) I learned a lot about competition. I was originally going to write my paper on all competition, but I decided to narrow it down to mostly sports, because I feel like having a more narrow focused topic is better for a 1000-1500 word research paper. However, this source will still be impactful because it is a good overview of competition, and I think that it would give me some good information, especially for starting off my essay.

I have other sources that are more closely related with athletics, but this source is important because it talks about the psychology behind competition in general. From it I learned that competition is an extrensic motivation, and although it may seem at times like the evil twin of collaboration, often times, especially on sports teams, both are needed to have a successful advantage in the competitive field. An extrinsic motivation means that one is motivated by an outside source, contrary to intrinsic motivation, which means that the person wants to get something out of the goal regardless of outside factors.



  1. Amani 1 year ago

    Hailey, as a competitive athlete this is a very interesting topic for me to read about. I like how you mentioned that, although competition may seem like a negative thing, sometimes it is important in a team and a motivation for some. Here is a link to an overview of a book called “The Winner’s Mind”, which I think you might enjoy reading about: I look forward to reading what other insights you have about this topic.

  2. Mack 1 year ago

    Hailey, I am writing about this topic as well but my topic is slightly different. This is very interesting and understanding. Being an athlete myself, I can relate to this a lot and have a good understanding of competition when it comes to sports. Keep writing!

  3. Katherine 1 year ago

    Hailey, this is such an interesting topic! The psychology behind sports (and specifically competition) is very interesting and I like how you delved into the different kinds of motivation since they are seemingly so different for each athlete. I also liked how you added that collaboration and competition are often both necessary on teams. I look forward to seeing what you write next!

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