The first article that I found is entitled “Fair Play and the Competitive Sport”. This article was about the ethics behind playing fair in sports, and it was interesting to me because it was the first article read about morality in sports. I think that ethics are very important in sports because it keeps the fair for everyone to play.

This article also states the various roles of sports in people’s lives. It says that sports are “culture” and “education”. I love this because it shows the broader roles that sports play in people’s lives. Some people revolve their whole lives around sports, and they have become a refuge for people when they feel they have nowhere else to go. Sports teaches people morals, like how to collaborate with people you wouldn’t normally interact with, how to push yourself to be your best, and how to compete fairly and work for success.

My second article is called “Putting Brawn into Your Vital Brain”. It is about how to fuel your brain by eating the best things that you can. For example, a healthy breakfast and exercise are good for the brain, and will help with intelligence just as much as memorization and studying will. This will also help to prevent aging of the brain in the future. Stress and competition go hand and hand, but this article counteracts stress by saying how to keep it away from your brain in order to stay healthy. It was interesting to have a different perspective.

My third article was very funny. It is about the “sport” of competitive eating. It is just an introduction to a soon-to-be published book about eating competitions and the “Big Fat American Dream”.



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