Something that is very present in my life is gender dysphoria. I experience it daily. I’ve noticed that nobody knows what it is or how to help people experiencing it. These are some articles that provide definitions and examples of how it feels to experience gender dysphoria. One of the main reasons trans people struggle in our world today is because of a lack of knowledge around them. Hopefully these sources can help others understand and spread important information regarding people who are transgender.

This is my now comment document that includes some annotations one the first article listed here.

This article goes over what exactly gender dysphoria is and what some symptoms of it may be. It describes how children and adults may show signs of gender dysphoria and that not everybody treats it the same way. I particularly liked this article because it provided a list of definitions at the end. Most people are not familiar with terms related to being transgender so this article is a great basic resource for someone not transgender trying to understand what it is. This article also has a section on challenges that people with gender dysphoria experience. For example they are at a much higher risk of depression, anxiety, and self harm. It also mentions their legal struggles with getting insurance and that they are at a higher risk of hate crimes.

This article is very similar to the last one however it goes into detail on different topics such as how the diagnosis is given. They say that to be diagnosed one must experience gender dysphoria for at least 6 months. It also provides a list of symptoms for children and adults. This article goes into detail on the treatment options and also asks hard questions such as, is it just a phase, which is a valid question for concerned parents to ask.

This article is a good resource for emotional help. It goes less into the medical side of things really talks about what gender dysphoria is like by using people who go through it everyday. It asks questions and then they all respond with how they feel. It is a good way for people to feel less alone by giving them the chance to see other people go through what they are going through, especially on a popular social platform like Teen Vogue. It also is a good way to show people who do not experience gender dysphoria what it is really like for people they may know who are trans.




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