With such an alarming problem as a patch of trash twice the size of Texas floating in the middle of the ocean, people are looking for solutions to help slow and eventually stop this problem. An example of this comes from Boyan Slats, the CEO of a company called The Ocean Cleanup that is trying to take charge of the cleanup of the garbage patch. The company is testing technology that will hopefully be capable of removing half of the garbage patch every five years. The company plans to scale up the technology if it was able to prove that it is capable of what the company claims. The device in question is a 2,000-foot long barrier in the shape of a u with a ten-foot-long screen below it to catch plastic that is subsurface. The device is moved by the power of the wind to concentrate and recover the plastic from the water. Despite the promise, the device had to be recovered due to sections of it becoming disconnected and plastic being able to drift out of the system. The future plans for the device are to further reinforce the structure of the system as well as speed up the device for more complete plastic removal.
Solutions such as this help provide for one side of the solution to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. While the solution to the plastics and other garbage ending up in the ocean must come from a collective effort and worldwide legislation, ingenuity and cooperation are needed for the cleanup of waste we have already piled into the ocean. Projects like what has come from The Ocean Cleanup provides promise for the future of our oceans.





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