The topic that I will be studying for my Explanatory Essay is why the filmmaker John Hughes was so influential and how he still has an impact on film today. In the first article I read, the author came to the conclusion that Hughes’ influence came majorly from never patronising his teen characters and treating their issues with as much gravity (and if not more) as his adult characters. The author specifically referenced The Breakfast Club, one of Hughes’ most popular teen works from the 1980’s. All five of the teenage characters had significant issues that completely outweighed the issues of the adults in the film. Another reason for Hughes’ lasting impact was that his films were always targeted for teens. In fact, Hughes didn’t pay the adults in any of his teen films much respect. He based characters like Principal Rooney from Ferris Bueller’s Day off and Richard Vernon from The Breakfast Club on seemingly unpleasant adults from his life, giving them a real feel that the teens watching his films could maybe place in their own life. Instead of having the teens lean on adults for support and help, they leaned on each other. The author of touched on the idea of teens having to go through their issues without adult help being one of the reasons for Hughes’ lasting influence on teens today. Unlike the majority “teen” films that Hughes suspected were actually targeted for adult men, Hughes gave a real feel to his characters and made them relatable even after all of this time. Finally, the author included quotes from Drew Barrymore and Will Gluck (the director of Easy A) on how they took inspiration from Hughes and wanted to make films that Hughes wouldn’t be embarrassed to watch.

“Will There Ever Be Another John Hughes?” The Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, 5 May 2015,



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  1. Michelle Burton 7 months ago

    The problem is the cast were so incredibly talented and strong there are no actors today that are anything even remotely close.

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