In recent years, the concept of astrology has been prevalent in social media. In the sources I’ve read, sites for horoscopes have grown massively in the past years. However, there is no scientific evidence of these astrology signs being accurate or true. So what is with our fascination? When we read astrology or horoscope readings, they seem to reveal deep things about our personality. This can be a possible way of coping with stress, as more people turn to astrology signs when they are stressed about their life or other surroundings. Astrology can also give a sense of comfort to those who are lonely. They can help imagine a better and more hopeful future, even if it doesn’t seem that way. The combination of stress and unknowingness creates the perfect balance for the filling of astrology. Astrology can give a bit of reason and life into the worse of scenarios. It gives us a whole new way to look at the world in a completely different lense.


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  1. Angelica 3 months ago

    Penelope I found this such an interesting topic to look into, and found it to ring very true especially in relating to my own personal experiences. I feel like a lot of the time people do reflect to their horoscopes in times of confusion or need. Thanks again this was so interesting to learn about and I found another article on this that I think might help you with your research.

  2. Elena 3 months ago

    Hi Penelope I really liked your post! horoscopes have been a big trend in recent years I am glad you brought them up. I liked how you added that there is no scientific evidence supporting them to be true. When ever I look at ,horoscope it is not like me at all and I appreciate your statement. I found a cool article about the “truth” in horoscopes. https://www.shape.com/lifestyle/mind-and-body/there-any-truth-astrology

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