“Where I’m From”

I am from Tide Pods and fabric softeners

I am from GTA on the PS4

I am from the ticking of the heaters and the smell of the steaks coming from the fire dept. Behind my building.

I am from homemade chicken soup and beef stew

From Romeo and Alexsandra

I am from the family parties and get togethers

From “ did you do your homework?” and “you know better that”

I am the flame of the candle we light for out lost relatives

I am from Florida and Albania

From the thumb my grandfather almost lost cutting firewood.

In my parents closet hide and huge box of photos of my family

I am from the apple tree that has dropped a bright red apple down on earth’s surface were its seeds with fall and plant a new family

  1. Ahlexus 1 year ago

    Hey George, I really liked your poem it was beautiful and it made me simile.

  2. Sapphire 1 year ago

    Dear George:
    I like Your poem, “Who am I?” because you told me about your life in a short, but direct way.
    One line that stands out for me is, “In my parents closet hide and huge box of photos of my family” I think this line is relatable in a certain way because my family keeps family pictures in a barrel.
    Another line that stands out for me is, “I am from GTA on the PS4” I think this line is also relatable because I used to play GTA with my cousin and Uncle.
    Your poem reminds me of my own “where I’m from” I talk about having family albums.
    Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

  3. Abigail 1 year ago

    I enjoyed reading this poem, it was very real. My favorite line was the last line, planting seeds for new families. That is very metaphoric and creates a kind visual for readers. This poem is wonderful, keep up the great work!

  4. Tyler 1 year ago

    i could relate to the fact that your family has a huge box of photos because my family does the same thing

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