She Remembers 
growing up watching horror movies
She Remembers
Being in love with Them
She Remembers
Her dad playing old rock music in the morning
She Remembers
Going to the deli at 2am
She Remembers
Living alone with him and my grandma
She Remembers
Coming home to watch South Park
She Remembers
Getting my first cat
She Remembers
Naming it “Kitty”

She doesn’t remember

She doesn’t remember
Which horror movies she  watched

She doesn’t remember
What day she got the cat

She doesn't remember


CC BY-SA 4.0 She Remembers by Eden is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Sean 6 months ago

    In your poem, you touch on the complications of growing up. We often get so lost in how fast time flies that we only remember general details about certain things in our lives. People absolutely can still remember something right down to the minute years after it happened, but those can often be either really happy memories, say a wedding, or very traumatic memories, the loss of a loved one. We often like to remember the area in between though. The things that are going to keep us happy and you captured that beautifully.

  2. Abigail 6 months ago

    Eden, your poem is beautiful. You capture the memories of childhood perfectly. We often remember specific details but forget others. The way you described what you remembered and what you did not brought me to look back on my own childhood. Don’t stop creating, you have a knack for it.

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