Since the 1970s when serial killers gained their popularity, people have found themselves fascinated with their macabre lives. Though no one wants to admit it, the interest with serial killers has increased due to media coverage and our never ending curiosity. According to Dr. Bonn, people with a normal capacity to love and care for others have a difficult time understanding how a fellow human being could commit such terrible crimes. His article discusses how people fear for their own safety because when they cannot understand someone’s actions they have no way of preventing them. Furthermore, people focus on survival and therefore want to learn about anything that could pose a threat to them. Serial killers are also very rare, which intrigues many people, and also very random which makes people uncomfortable. People also like the adrenaline posed by danger.

Similarly, David Schmid added that the media has had a major role in the public’s interest in serial killers. From television shows, documentaries, to horror movies, the public has a never-ending thirst for adrenaline and terror (aspects a the story of a serial murderer provides).

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  1. Raine 2 months ago

    I’ve always been fascinated with topics like this, yet I did’t know why. Reading your article was really interesting to me, because I was unaware of the rationale behind people being intrigued with killers.

  2. Julissa 3 months ago

    This is very interesting. I personally know that I find serial killers and their stories very interesting and intriguing. It makes sense though now why many are drawn and it’s mostly because of the attention it is given on t.v, shows, and documentaries. You brought up the notion of that caring people always tend to ask and question why do such horrible things to someone. And I want to know if these people are interesting in serial killers too or do they just look for specific things in any case of a serial killer.

  3. Branigan 3 months ago

    Hey Anna,
    I really found your article to be very interesting. I know that personally, I find myself drawn to shows and information about serial killers, but I never really knew why. Many of these reasons that are things that I can definitely connect to. I would just wonder if there are any consequences to this new phenomenon, and if so, what can we do to prevent this? I hope to see more information from this topic from you.

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