I remember going ice skating, bowling,
and to the movies a lot when i was younger
with my mom.

I remember getting hit in the mouth
with a softball 2 times.

I remember doing ballet, karate, and art
when i was in elementary school.

I remember my graduation to move onto middle school,
and how i was super nervous because i been there my whole life.

I remember my communion and confirmation for church.

I remember staying for after school everyday and going home late.

I remember hanging out with my friends almost all the time.

I remember the excitement me and my best friend felt
when we found out we were going to the same middle school.

I remember the heartbreak we felt when we found out
we weren’t going to the same high school.

I remember the bad and the great memories with the friends
I grew up with, and loved deeply.

I remember sharing those last moments with them,
for they are the ones who make it hard for me not to remember.
 I don’t remember ever getting hurt.

I don’t remember my past summers, the hot days,
the traveling when i was younger, or the really happy days
where the sun rays were hitting my face,
and no matter how many times i looked away, it always found a way.

I don’t remember some of my family reunions,
or the last time when every single one of us were together.

I don’t remember what my family from my dads side even sounds like.

I don’t remember much things of my grandma.

I don’t remember the last time i didn’t feel alone.

I don’t remember the last time i actually felt like the happiest person ever. I don’t remember how i was when i was younger. I don’t remember when i changed. I don’t remember anyone playing with me as a child. I don’t remember how i knew i was smart, and how i knew i needed to keep myself happy when no one else was there to do that. I don’t remember when i started to get lectures. I don’t remember how i truly felt when i was alone, playing by myself. I don’t remember how i came to be today. I don’t remember when someone came to me to say, “ don’t worry i come back another day and it’s going to be one of the best days.. ever”.  I don’t remember how i picked up on things, and who taught me. I don’t remember who showed me half the things i use today. I don’t remember how i stay strong after everyday.


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