So there i was about to
Go to bed when I
Suddenly had a great plan
To break my aunt’s glass
but before you ask what’s wrong with
me, i hope you know
that i was very young and
at the time it was
a great idea, so i
proceeded to the
bathroom where i found a small
but sharp item for
cleaning, so for adults
it looked like something
that they would use to clean but
to me it looked like
the perfect weapon for my
evil plan, so i
went back to my aunt’s room and
i proceeded to
slam the object into the
table, after a
while it broke and my aunt
had heard my loud scream
rushed in the room to see what
was wrong and when she
came in, she saw her little
nephew with glass in
his foot because of the fact
that i stepped in the
glass after i broke it and
we spent at least three
hours trying to get all
of the glass out of
my foot, damn the pain that day
was ridiculous



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  1. dedede 2 years ago


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