The book Fahrenheit 451 was about a guy named Montag who worked as a firefighter that burned books because it was illegal to have them in his world. But then Montag realizes he does not want to keep starting fires and burning people’s houses because it does not seem something nice to do. The reason why Montag started to be aware of how oppressive his world was because his neighbor Clarisse talked to him about how unfair it was for them to not be able to speak to each other and have a lot information censored especially in schools. Montag then decides he will rebel against the law and takes some books which he reads and he keeps it a secret. Montag also had a wife named Mildred who consented to letting the government control her and all she did was watch tv all day which she considered her family because she only cared about. After Montag has gotten books he meets a guy named Faber who was a professor who was hiding from the police and hounds so that he would not get taken away. Later, Montag gets suspected of by Beatty who and got his house burned because they found out he had books. In the end Montag has to run away from his house and hides from the police and hounds so that they don’t arrest him. While the police are after him they fake that they captured him so that the people that are watching feel good that they caught a criminal. In the end theri world gets bombed and destroys everything.

In slide 6, represents part of our plan that would liberated Fahrenheit 451. The plan is that my group will prank call the firefighters and report a house that has books. This will cause the firefighters to go to the house and be happy because they are thinking that they are going to burn houses(shows in slide 7). Then, in slide 8 we are going to lock them in the house so the firefighters can’t escape. When the firefighters are locked in the house we are going to set them on fire and set a fire outside so it would be hard to escape the house. After all, in slide 9 my group is going to hack the Tv’s because the whole community has Tv’s surrounded by them. Then, in slide 10 we are going to hack the system and stop the Tv’s from working. In slide 11, my group will try to get rid off of hounds or mechanical hounds. By doing that all of my teammates are going to get buckets full with hot water and throw the hot water to the mechanical hounds so they can’t stop working. In  slide 12, shows another plan we are try to do with the mechanical hounds is try to put them with the firefighters lock inside the house. We are trying to put the mechanical hounds with the firefighters stuck on the fire so we can save more time and we will get rid of the firefighters and dangerous mechanical hounds. In conclusion, our plan might go wrong but hopefully our plan goes right and we can be heroes to save the community of Fahrenheit 451.




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