Posted by Jillian on March 19, 2019


I remember my mom walking outside
No matter the weather
Coming back reeking of an unpleasant smell
I remember my dad going to work
Bringing me back sweets
I would savour them
Until he left for another trip
I remember stepping on stage
Then stepping off the stage with a big smile on my face
My heart racing
I remember my mom talking on the phone
Gossiping about her life or someone else's
I remember everything she said.
I don’t remember being satisfied with my grades
No matter if they were good or bad
Coming back disappointed with myself
I don’t remember losing multiple friends
Bringing me fake gifts full of lies
I would accept all of them
Until I realized what was going on
I don’t remember being adopted
Then coming to a new country with a new language
My brain adjusting
I remember
I don’t remember