The first day of school,
              It’s scary, different, intimidating.
                                But you’ll get through it.
                                                    You can do it!
                                                The championships.
                                          Whoever wins this
                              brings the trophy home.
                        Can we do it?
                 Will you do it?
          We can do it!

   Standing on stage
 Arms, legs shaking.
Friends, family screaming you name
  from the crowd.    
     Lights shining on you face
        With a big smile across your face you think,
           “I can do this!”
                 Failing that test
                   Frustrating, angery, pointless
                      Now, stay up all night with a book.
                           Study, retake, 100%
                                You can do it!
                                    Getting up for school
                                 Easy, hard, go back to bed
                               Sleep in ten more minutes
                            Rushing, running, made it.
                         You can do it.

Photo by garlandcannon
  1. Author
    kelly 1 year ago

    Dear Mady,

    Thank you for reading my poem! i’m glad you were able to relate to it and understand it claim. I would really like to read your poem too and give you some feedback. Could you send me a link? Thank you!


  2. Cameron 1 year ago

    Dear Kelly, I enjoyed your poem quiete a bit and enjoyed how inspirational it is. It really tells you to hop back on the horse if you have fallen off. Horses are so tall! Can you imagine how big a horse would be if it was twice as big as it currently is?! That would be a very large horse. Gargantuan. Wow
    Sincerely, Cam

  3. Jose 1 year ago

    I really love your “You can do it” poem. I thought the form of the poem was exceptional and super spontaneous of the style of your poem. I see that this poem could resemble people’s everyday struggles, and I thought that it hits me close to home. So, thank you for this great poem! Keep up the good work!

  4. Mady 1 year ago

    Dear Kelly

    I really enjoyed your poem!

    One line that stands out to me is, “easy, hard, go back to bed” I relate to this a lot because I always struggle with waking up in the morning.

    I also liked how the whole poem was very encouraging. Sometimes school is really difficult, but you’re right, we can do it!

    Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

  5. Quantel 1 year ago

    i am very impressed by the way you did your poem .

  6. coleman williams 1 year ago

    Dear Kelly:

    I am very impressed by your poem “you can do it” because of how realistic it its to school on the first day.

  7. Ashley 1 year ago

    Dear Kelly:
    I’m amazed by your poem “You can do it!” because I can relate to it. It’s hard for me to get up in the morning. I hate getting up.

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