“Fortnite” player Brendan Hickey wanted his character in the online game to stand out 

He can now do the electro shuffle. Eat popcorn, dribble a basketball or swing a “plunja” pickaxe.
All for the price of 16 meals.
“Fortnite” is already a national craze,
So why not the child thinks?
Why not spend another 15$
“It’s the first time we’ve all been excited to get on and play Xbox together,”
who has the cooler-looking outfits, they think
Why not spend another 20$?
n a study of 1,000 “Fortnite” players by LendEDU, nearly 69 percent made in-game purchases, averaging $84.67 each.
If others why not me?
“I had a moment of weakness” and wanted to look like Cruise, Sipe said with a laugh. He bought the outfit.  
Hey it’s all fun and games so why not spend the 30$?

Article: Custom features are what earn the big bucks in “Fortnite” video game


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