When you fall down
And it is hard to get up

Keep going

When all hope is lost
But you see a way

Keep going

When someone says you can’t
But you know you can

Keep going

When you’re having a hard time
And times aren’t getting any easier

Keep going

When your life is all uphill
And there won’t be downhill for miles

Keep going

When things go wrong
But next time they might go right

Keep going

When your grades are low
But you know you can do better

Keep going

When you lose what you love
And there is nowhere to go

Keep going

Always keep going
No matter what the circumstances
Things will get better


CC BY-SA 4.0 Keep Going by Asa is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Jovana 5 days ago

    Dear Asa, thank you for this cool poem. I like the way you are pushing toward into bad things, and how positive you are. I agree with you, we should keep going even if feel bad.

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In this assignment we were asked to write an inspirational poem with one repeating message. For my poem, I used the message keep going. I wrote my message in between each phrase. I enjoyed this assignment because it was fun writing a poem for other people. When I read this poem, it makes me think about how my life relates to the poem. When other people read this poem, I hope they see that they need to keep going through their lives. Remember to just keep going no matter what happens.


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