I am from my dads scrambled eggs in the morning
From Nike and Louisville Slugger
I am from a big house with blue paint, steep stairs and modern, simple lines
I am from towering pine trees, with nonstop showers of needles
I am from giant Thanksgivings and constant questions
From Ted Lyman and James McMahon
I am from the smell of dew at six in the morning and constant traveling
From Guns n Roses and James Taylor
I am from atheism to only Christmas
I am from Berkeley, California, England And Ireland
From the stories of my ancestors
From the baseball blood running through my grandpas veins
From our wall of history and memories
From the effort put into my sisters memorial
I am from love

In this assignment, we were asked to write a poem about qualities that make us who we are and what we have been through. For my poem, I chose to write about the things I like about my family and myself. I enjoyed this assignment because when I thought about what made me, me, it brought back memories and made me realize how important small things can be. When I read my poem, it reminds me of all the good my family does for me and for everyone else. When other people read this poem, I hope they recognize how important family can be.

  1. Flynn 1 year ago

    mad nutty broskif.

    • Author
      Paxton 1 year ago

      Thank you for such a nice comment. Can you send me the link to your poem or story? Thanks for commenting.

  2. Author
    Paxton 1 year ago

    This coolest poem ever

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