I’ll open my eyes,
I’ll fly,
when their hate brings me
down, still
I will fly,
I will fly for the little
still learning to use her
Beautiful beautiful voice.
I will rise up
for the boy
who wants to be a girl,
for the girl
who doesn’t want to be either.
I will still yet speak
for all who have no voice,
who are something others
can’t realize is okay.
I will speak
so that someday,
the world can be different,
so that we all
are accepted.
Black Lives Matter.
They matter because
We still
they do.
We think
we are finished,
but still,
Some have to rise,
to fly
Above the hate
because others haven’t
learned to yet
but they shouldn’t
have to,
The little children
who only want
to play,
they shouldn’t have to
about being shot
because they were
having fun.
No one should have to
like that.
We All shall
We All shall
We All shall
teach others to
with us.
Beautiful Children,
Fly Home.

In this assignment, we were asked to write a poem that is similar to a speech, but in verse. We wanted to write about something that is important to us and use a repeating phrase to get our point across. For my poem, I used the repeating phrases: ‘fly, rise’ and ‘speak’. These phrases were meant to show rising above the hate that is pushed upon us, to be the better person. I enjoyed this assignment because I got to let my feelings out of me in verse. When I read this poem, it makes me feel strong and inspired to stand up like so many before me. When other people read this poem, I hope they are inspired to do good and to speak out for what they believe is right..


CC BY-SA 4.0 Flight by Charlotte is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Jessica 5 months ago

    Dear Charlotte,
    I am very moved by your poem, “Flight,” because you seem to be deeply into your writing, I can feel the emotions through your poem! This poem has a very strong message because it seems that all you want is to set not only yourself free but those around you who also struggle. To me the main message of your poem is that no matter who you are you have a voice and opinion that matters and should be heard. No one should be silenced because we are all human and we all have a purpose in this world, we should support one another no matter what. I know this because you wrote, “I will still yet speak for all who have no voice, who are something others can’t realize is okay”. It really seems that you want everyone to be heard and go out into the world being who they want to be without being afraid of being put down or judged. One line that stands out for me is, “I will speak so that someday,the world can be different, so that we all are accepted.” I think this section of your poem is powerful because the message that I am receiving is that our world is stuck in believing that only certain groups of people matter and you “can’t” be different because it’s “wrong”. Someday society will accept the fact that we can all be who we want to be and there is no such thing as “you have to be a certain way” because we all have freedom to be whoever he want because it’s your life and no one should ever tell you who you have to be. I really liked how you used the literary device of anaphora when you said “I’ll fly, when their hate brings me down, still I will fly”. I think these lines are beautiful and they show anaphora because you repeat “I’ll fly” twice. It sounds like “freedom” and you want everyone to be set free from this oppressive society. Your poem reminds me of a poem that I once wrote titled “I’ll be free”. I myself write poems for no reason really. My prom mentioned how society makes people live in a made up world where we have these “rules” that should be followed”. There was a lot of phrases that mentioned ways on how we had a society can be set free by creating our own little world which would make us happy in multiple ways! Your poem sends an important message about how we as human beings should not live in a world where we could only choose where we want to be and who we want to be in fact. Your poem overall, really shouts, “FREEDOM IS WHAT WE HAVE AND DESERVE, WE CAN ALL LIVE THE WAY WE WANT TO AS LONG AS WE ARE HAPPY WITH WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO”! Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next. Continue with this passion of yours because it seemed like you put a lot of thought into this and emotions! You’re such a great writer Charlotte, keep up the good work!

    • Author
      Charlotte 4 months ago

      Dear Jessica,

      Thank you deeply for responding and taking the time to read my poem! I feel you got at the meaning of my poem really well. I was happy to read that you got my meaning behind the words very clearly. I was a bit worrried that others might be confused or not get it as well as you did. I also agree that our socity really does need to change so that we don’t have to fit into a defined, socity approved slot. I hope some time I get to read your poems too. That poem you mentioned, “I’ll be free” sounds perticularly interesting. I too sometimes write poems for no reason, or just to catch the words floating around in my head on paper. I feel that poetry just lets something lose inside me that can only be expressed in verse. Do you ever feel this way?
      Thank you again for reading and responding to my poem!


  2. Kanika 5 months ago


  3. Kanika 5 months ago

    One line that stood out to me is the line that said ” I will rise up for the boy who wants to be a girl. I think this line shows a lot of bravery because coming out as being gay is extremly inflexible just because some people are ashamed or, they’re scared that someone is going to judge them. To be a voice for someone who is not strong enough or brave enough to show who they really are is very brave of you.

    • Author
      Charlotte 4 months ago

      Dear Kanika,

      Thank you so much for thaking th etime to read and respond to my poem! I agree that it does take a lot of bravery to come out. For me one of the best ways for me to express these feelings is through poetry, because I can jsut let my feelings out on paper. I wonder is it like this for you? I am glad that you noticed this part of the poem. I felt tha t I only touched on the subject, as I had other things to say, but I am glad that it stood out for you. I hope to read something of yours soon.


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