I felt like I was in prison.
Like I was being locked up for being different.
Like I was separated for who I was and how I was feeling
And I was a nuisance to society.
And maybe I was
But it didn’t make it hurt any less

To say goodbye as they drop you off for examination
To speak with a person and have them find out you were worse than they previously thought
And be taken to be examined as naked as you were born
But your mind feels more exposed than your body
And to finally walk the halls with strangers from far and wide
All sharing one common thread of desperation.

A calling to be helped
A calling to be cured
Saved from your own mental trap.
And released from your tight bonds of self hate.
They put you on pills and they watch you dance
And if that doesn’t work your sentence gets extended.

Placed in a room less locked than your mind
And trusting strangers will not take advantage of the night.
You’re crying for salvation
And feeling hopeless for redemption
Hell is starting to look friendly
But the fires have yet to come.

Maybe the pills will work,
And the pain will cease.
I’ll forget about who I was up until this point
Live with the future forgetting about how I came to be
To be this strong
To be this tough
To spit back into life’s face
And to stomp on it’s feet.

But it’s not that easy
It only makes you blind and false
I am not the same person on and off the meds
I am passionate, strong
I am emotional and I am hidden
And it’s unfair to have to hide who I really am

But people can’t handle it
No, they simply cannot stand change
Diversity of any kind is strictly prohibited
Maybe I’m sick
Maybe you think I’m a danger to myself
But I must disagree

I am artistic and outlandish
Outspoken and clever
And you might not agree, but that’s the nature of this Earth
The beauty of it all is that you don’t have to
You don’t have to understand me to hate me
And I don’t have to be happy to make history. 

CC BY-SA 4.0 Beauty Locked By Fear by Meggy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Wendy 11 months ago

    Dear, Meggy
    I am feeling understanding about your poem because sometimes I do feel like this. This poem explains how some people are feeling lost but they are still beautiful. Some people feel this way and your poem explains how they should think of the bright side and not give up. I really liked your poem and it is really inspiring to me.

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