I was broken                                                                                   
And it hurt
It was my fault
I am sorry

I was happy
I was angry
I was unforgivable
I am sorry 

When you wanted to do something new
It was me who would stop you
Over and Over and Over again
I am sorry

Late nights spent thinking “It will go away”
Night after night after night
“You are alone, you can’t do it”.
I told you this
I am sorry

I am sorry for stopping you
I am sorry for keeping you here
I just didn’t want to be alone
And I’m sorry

If you could forgive me
For holding you back
Could you be free?
Can you ever be now?
Because of me
I am sorry
To my greatest enemy,
myself and only me
Please take this apology
For I can only forgive myself,  if you forgive me
It’s better to apologize than to leave it be
Now we know
We are the same
One of a kind

We have broken free
We have survived
I am no longer sorry
For the things I did wrong
I am forgiven

Inspired by  “Falling Into Place”

  1. Maria 1 year ago

    Dear Kelly, I really like your poem it really makes me feel connected because in my position I’m alway saying “sorry” to people or just to myself and when people hurt me or say something to be a never received a sorry back. It actually shows your emotions and how you feeling and it really nice that you are sharing your feelings on your poem. A line that stood out to me “For I can only forgive myself, if you forgive me, It’s better to apologize than to leave it be” because it shows the person that you are that tries to fix things out and actually admitting the things you sorry and forgiving others so you could feel better yourself.

  2. Chris 1 year ago

    Dear Kelly,
    I really like how you connected this to how you would feel if you were not forgiven from what you have done. Also, you show lots of emotions and how it would be better if you were forgiven instead of just letting it go. This shows that you really thought about this before you wrote this because it really shows it in your writing. “When you wanted to do something new it was me who stopped you” this is a really strong piece of writing because it shows how you admit what you have done and that you realize that it was wrong and that it affected that other person. Overall this was one good piece of poetry keep it up!

  3. Mariam 1 year ago

    Hey Kelly, I like your poem it’s really nice. I feel like this poem is very personal to you, was it something you wrote for yourself? Your line “to my greatest enemy, myself and only me” it seems as if you have an internal battle with yourself, and knowing that you were confident enough to expose this to the world and I applaud you for it.

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