I believe you have to own who you are. What made me come to this belief was when I started growing up I realized I had to own who I am and not try and be what other people expected or wanted me to be. This was both an easy and a hard thing to learn.

            People are just there to judge but they don´t judge themselves. Your life is what you make it so you should make the best of it, because you can’t go by what other people think and want you to be. For example, my parents want me to go to college and get a career level job but I want to join the Navy. I want to join the Navy  because I have seen some people join the military and it has completely taken over their minds and they became this new version of themselves in a positive way. I have seen my cousin come out and be an amazing example of leadership and honor. I would like to join the Navy and become a nurse. I think I will get great real life training there and I will be able to help people while serving in the Navy and after I retire.

          As I get older, I have the opportunity to choose my own life and actions. If someone tells you that you can’t make it then you should strive harder so you can prove them wrong by showing them that you can and will be better than what they ever thought or imagined. For example, last year I was behind and this year my goal is to do my work and graduate early next year. I switched programs and started to come to school everyday,  staying after school to do my work I want you to remember this, you can choose your lifestyle and you will become whatever you set your mind to it is all about setting high expectations.


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