Honesty is the key to my trust. I don’t trust a lot of people but if I do trust you, you’re lucky. So to lose my trust it must suck. I believe that being honest really matters. Mostly because everyone that I know lies to me. Most of my family members have lost my trust, and respect. They do things that family should never do to each other. It’s called family for a reason right? So then what’s the problem with keeping your mouth closed? I don’t know. Every single day I see them and act like everything is okay when No it really isn’t. I really should’ve just kept my secrets in but I couldn’t help myself, I actually thought I could trust them.

The way I think of Honesty is important to me. It is something I strongly believe in, I know that I, myself have broken some peoples trust as well and, I know how it feels so that’s why I believe it’s so important. Honesty can make a relationship healthy with a loved one, or even a friend. But it’s because all that lying does is create problems that leads to trust issues, nobody wants that. I never thought that I was going to go through the stuff that I’ve been through but stuff happens. Stuff always happens, even when you don’t want it to.

I was in 7th grade when my mom had told me I broke her trust with tears in her eyes. It was because of something I did in school. I didn’t really understand what she meant until I felt those exact words towards my cousin. I realize now that trust is SO important. It’s important because you can tell when someone trust you because they tell you things like it’s nothing, like it’s something they’re okay with you knowing.

This is why I believe that honesty and trust are important. And they’re important for many other reasons but those are the reasons it’s important to me. As for other people you need to know you can trust someone for almost everything. Being honest is something you either do everyday or when you desire to. That’s the reason for trust, you can never know when someone is lying unless you have proof, or they might really be telling you the truth.

So I believe that Trust and Honesty is something we should use in our everyday life. Especially because lying might just get you into trouble. Being honest might also get you in trouble as well but it will always be better to just tell the truth. Most people don’t really care until the worse happens, that’s when they realize just how important honesty is. The more trustworthy you are the better people will know you can handle things. So this is why I strongly believe in Honesty and Trust.

  1. Carlos 1 year ago

    This look on trust is very prominent in my life. I have always valued honesty and trust from me is not commonly given. I have learned to trust more due to being in a relationship with someone who I absolutely adore. However, I feel as though trust must always be there. If trust is broken, you cannot get it back from me easily. Thank you for being so raw and vulnerable with your views and opinions.

  2. Abigail 1 year ago

    Thank you for writing this Kassie, I can see why you believe in what you believe in because of the pain you have felt towards dishonesty. I am sorry to hear that you had to go through those events with your family, I know that must have been very difficult. I admire how you are turning your pain into something you can grow and learn from, that is true maturity. Keep up the great work!

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