Author: Sagrario

Be Comfortable In Your Own Body

I believe that everyone isn’t comfortable in their own body. One person might think that their body isn’t the perfect shape. Another person might say to themselves: “I’m too fat” when they are just not “model skinny.” Someone else might think “I’m not tall enough” or “I’m too short.” The truth is: they shouldn’t really care about that. It makes them unique. For however uncomfortable they maybe be, someone else could think “I wish I had that body” instead of their own. At the end of the day, they should be comfortable in their own body because it’s the only one they have.

Even though I believe we should all be comfortable, sometimes I struggle with my own body image. When I was young, I was super skinny. It got to the point where I got bullied for looking like a stick, so I wanted to put a stop to it. I decided to gain weight. When I did, it was all okay for a couple months until everyone started tease me for being too fat. That when on for about 3 years until I developed  eating disorders (bulimia & binge eating disorder). To this day, I still have it and it’s not something I can control.

What triggers my binge eating is when I’m bored or having free time in my hands so I continue to eat and eat even if I’m full. I have tried to fight the urge to overeat, but it’s like a switch that turns on and off. Once I start, I can’t stop, even if I’m full. The more free time I have, the more often it happens. I think if I stayed active or kept myself busy, I wouldn’t have so many opportunities for this kind of behavior, but the fact is, I just get bored.

It’s hard for me to feel “okay” with my body but when I do, I just don’t feel okay I feel great. Amazing I feel over the top and that’s when i know i didn’t go over eating and i had a good work out session. A message I can tell someone who is going through the same thing I am is to talk someone get help because you are not going through this alone you have people to help out