An important purpose of out government as stated in the Preamble of the United States constitution is to establish justice. The president plays a huge role in ensure that our governments decisions work towards this. The presidential powers that can help establish justice are executing the law, chief diplomat, and chief citizen. President Trump’s negation on foreign policy helps us understand the importance of chief diplomat because as president he has to ensure that whatever policy he is making he does it help ensure the fairness and justice of his country.  

Executing the law is the act of ensuring that people obey the laws here in the U.S and if they do not follow the law, they have consequences. Our state has many laws we have to follow so we don’t get in trouble with the law (going to court or prison).  Making sure people obey by the la and suffer the consequences if they don’t is a prime example of establishing justice. The reason for this being is because when our system is being handled in the right manner it really does show all our people that justice can be established. An example would be making sure these rules are carried out to everyone no matter their place or class in society; everyone must obliged by our laws regardless of their position is society or the social classes. This is seen when celebrities are arrested and booked for a crime they commited or when a govt official doesn’t do businesses the proper way.

The removal of power is an act that can only be voted on by people of high authority in our government. The act of this would be getting rid of a person who was appointed to a certain power. An example of this would be when the FBI director was removed from his position because he “mishandled” certain information. This was a prime example of justice being established because it showed that even someone who had high position in our government can also suffer consequences.  The establishment of justice can come in many different way but it applies to everyone and when we see it being served equally it shows how well our government can work together.

Chief citizen is a term that applies to our president which basically means he has to set the example for all his citizens he is the “role model”. Trump often has to do this by making sure that whenever he is seen, he is always seen doing proper and just things. He has to make sure he follows all laws and does what he would want us (people in the U.S) doing. This more often than not can see like something easy to do but for someone what’s always in the public eye it can be very complicated.  Trump often has do public events where he is seen with kids or inviting people to the white house to show god manner. Being chief citizen means being the role model to all other citizens an showing them that even the president is held to high standards that help establish justice.

I would like to conclude that Establishing Justice can be followed through by following many more things than the ones I have listed above but, these were just a few of the ones I consider to be the most important.


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