Author: Omar

“Of Course Not”

I am from Baby Wipes and Brooms
From a baby who endlessly tears them out of their proper placing
I am from the living room,
and the couch that comes with it.

I am from Spanish food and ground turkey
Because mom thinks it’s the healthier option
I am from my mother, Ingrid Dominguez and my father, “unknown”,
I am from Rosa and Rafael Dominguez, my grandparents.

I am from “I love you"s and “Eat better"s,
From “Don’t say that about yourself!” and “Be positive!”
I am from “Do your homework!” and “Don’t doubt yourself!”

I am from crying for five hours and wondering
‘Is everything going to be okay when you’re gone?’
I am from Demigods, , and Zeus
Perseus Jackson, and Hades.

I am from “Am I ugly?”
“Of course not.”