Posted by Jillian on February 27, 2019

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They said they liked my “personality” that I am a character
they always wanted to know where I was from
If I said I was from 12str 7th avenue right near the F & G Train in Brooklyn white privileged kids
hangout from dusk to dawn
Do you think they would have known where I was from  
Where I’m from we make sure you know you’re a minority
That being white is better
Where I’m from kids smoke, drink, and do drugs to forget
The long nights of their parents fighting
Going to bed listening to threats, crying, and yelling
Waking up to find that you must pick a side
Where I’m from money is a drug
Families get high off it and spend it
Kids yelling in the streets “Mommy I want this. Mommy I want that”
The parents complying to their needs
Where I’m from going to Hanco's and Prospect Park is the norm
We laugh, run, and take photos
But you have to understand, where I’m from
We are insecure and we conceal them with fake photos
Where I’m from parents smother their kids with fake love
Saying in a high pitched You’re amazing” “You're a Special snowflake "
Where I’m from its the racket of skateboards
that make my dog goes insane
Which explains the lack of sleep I get
Where I’m from, it’s the home cooked meals that bring the family together for a short 20 minutes
Where I’m from, it's like insecurities, family issues, white privilege and money that
Lead us into battle