Education plays a very important role in our world today, and is valued by parents, politicians, students, and educators. Charter schools, unlike other public schools, provide a wide ranging curriculum that allows for greater educational opportunities. Without the help of the community and the state, charter schools would not be able to thrive. Charter schools produce many important benefits, such as additional educational options for students, increased educational innovation, greater student achievement, and a healthy competitive pressure for the students and staff. Overall, charter school attendance leads to greater achievement in students. I have been going to a charter school since kindergarten. Because of the benefits charter schools provide, I have been able to succeed and become a better student. I have also been able to attend classes that cater to my interests. Not only do I have all my graduation requirements as a junior, but I was also able to take college level courses to help prepare me for the real deal. I strongly believe that charter schools provide more opportunities for the enrolled students than other public schools are able to provide.


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  1. Griffin 3 weeks ago

    The Charter school system has harmed availability to education and also the lack of government oversight in charter schools has lead to inconstancy in educations provided. While one can appreciate them as part of said school they represent a problem in the American educational system. Also since your a member of one of those schools you should look for unbiased info on charter schools.

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