Students online speech should be limited because of suicides have occurred, learning environment disrupted and causing more problems. Students online peach should be limited because of everyday  there are more problems about bullying for example students use the internet to talk funny things to post videos of people who are not aware of anything. Another example is when there are undue students behaviors that  fall within the policy against the school counselor. They can also trigger responsibilities under one or more other federal anti-discrimination laws.

Suicides have occurred, because of violations and bullying. Sometimes there are young people who suffer from rapes and theaten them that if they do something about what happened, it will leave something to them or their family. The young women should tell their families what happens to them so that they feel afraid of someone who threatens them.

Learning environment disrupted. When young people have problems in their home or with friends outside the home, if affects them in school because they are only thinking about the problems and how they  can solve them. Sometimes they are in a class and that does not let them continue studying they leave classes crying or rejecting each other, they do not let the teacher continue with the class and the other are distract and can not continue studying and I think that is not right because it affects everyone.

Students leave school. Some students leave their school because they have problems in their home and that leads them to drug, use they spend it in the street of bagos, they do get to their home to sleep or eat they are aggressive with all the people and the school does not they are interested they think what the study is for. Which is just a waste of time. That’s not right the elderly should support the young people to continue their studies and continue a career so that they have a stable and not too heavy work.

There are many problems in different cases  and all need help but some young people do not tell them but they need to count them so that others can help them get out of their case.

  1. Rolando 1 year ago

    Estimada claudia:

    Estoy asombrado por su publicación “Should Schools Be Allowed to Limit Students’ Online Speech?” porque es un tema muy importante que todos los alumnos deberían saber para evitar cualquier golpe de depresión o un suicidio por causa de esto.

    una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es :”Students online speech should be limited because of suicides have occurred, learning environment disrupted and causing more problems” creo que esto es significativo porque te dice la idea central del texto rápido.

    Gracias por su escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, porque estos temas son muy importantes para mi y la sociedad para evitar posibles golpes de depresión.

  2. Abby 1 year ago


    You had some really solid arguments for why schools should limit the online speech of students. For example, “When young people have problems in their home or with friends outside the home, if affects them in school because they are only thinking about the problems and how they can solve them” this shows the reader a long term affect of cyberbullying, and it really solidifies your argument. One suggestion that I would make is to provide a clear thesis statement that outlines all of the points that you will discuss in your writing. This will allow for a more effective first paragraph and overall just improve the flow of your piece. I found this really helpful website that has statistics involving cyberbullying that I think you may find useful.

  3. Grace 1 year ago

    You bring up a lot of good points. I like how you bring up multiple perspectives that are applicable to many groups of people, and you tie it together in that cyber-bullying can affect anyone and everyone. Children are mean and don’t recognize the impact that their actions and words have, it can certainly be harmful. I think you should expand on this topic and look more into the positives of not limiting students’ speech or looking more into the negatives. Issues similar to this have been brought to the Supreme Court to look at if the first amendment right (freedom of speech) applies to minors in public schools. Here’s a link:
    Thanks Claudia!

  4. Jacob 1 year ago

    Hello Claudia,
    I loved your article about cyberbullying. I’m glad that there dialogue being brought up about the topic, and it’s important to find more resources and solutions to this issue. Here’s a webpage that has more research about the federal laws and programs you mentioned:

  5. Mariah 1 year ago

    I enjoyed reading this piece on student speech online. Cyber bullying is a major problem in our society, and we aren’t doing enough to combat it. Cyber bullying has become so big that it is causing disruption in a school’s ability to operate and function because students do not have a solid enough support system in the school to perform at their full capacity. I also enjoyed how you brought up that students’ lives have been put into danger by cyber bullying. The number of tragic suicides that have happened because of cyber bullying are too high. Here is an article I think you might enjoy about how other forms of speech are limited and school. It lays out ways in which schools may be able to begin limiting online speech.

    Thank you, Claudia!

  6. Jacquelin 1 year ago

    Dear Claudia,
    I totally agree with you on your post, “Should Schools be Allowed to Limit Students’ Speech?” because it is a reality, cyberbullying is no good. It is affecting victims physically, mentally, and emotionally with all of what cyberbullying causes.
    One sentence you wrote that stood out for me is: “Students online speech should be limited because of suicides have occurred, learning environment disrupted and causing more problems.” I think this is very true because when a victim gets bullied that is all that roams around a classroom setting during instruction, it is disruptive, such as a comment “Oh, did you hear about…”
    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I like how you listed reasons of why schools should have the right/power to limit students’ online speech. No matter if it is off school limits, it happens at school too, lets just be honest.
    Jacquelin Monroy

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