Just how free is freedom of speech? Under the first amendment in the constitution, congress is not allowed to make a law abridging or limiting the freedom of speech. However, the supreme court has placed certain limits on the freedom which makes the right to free speech not absolute. In modern society, technology has now become a way for many to communicate with one another. Schools have even integrated technology technology within classrooms. Students have and use many social media platforms to not only communicate with one another, but to also express themselves and their own opinions. Students online speech should be limited because cyberbullying is a widespread problem, suicide is a reality, and it negatively impacts the learning environment.

Students online speech should be limited because cyberbullying is a widespread problem. In a study conducted by the Cyberbullying Research Center, 16.6% of males and 25.1% of females surveyed have been cyberbullied in their lifetime. Although this percentage is half of those asked, it is a lot. According to the graph also shown in this study, 17.5% of males and 21.3% of females have cyber bullied others in their lifetime. When these percentages are conjoined for each group, more than a quarter of the people surveyed have either been cyberbullied or have cyberbullied somebody else in their lifetime. This is alarming. These numbers should not be that high. Cyberbullying is bad and shouldn’t be occurring at all. When something is said to target one specific person with the goal of making them look bad that is not moral. This is why cyberbullying is a widespread problem and students online speech should be limited.

Students online speech should be limited because suicide is a reality. According to a case called K.K. v. Berkeley County schools, a 12th grade student was targeted and accused of being sexually promiscuous. A group was created and over 100 people were invited to join the group. Although this student did not commit suicide all factors could have lead to a successful suicide attempt. She was being humiliated and insulted for actions she does at her own free will. The other students should have not targeted her for her own personal life, that was not interfering with school environment in the first place. It was no one’s place to tell her anything or to bully her. Suicide is a realty and because of this students online speech should be limited.

Students online speech should be limited because it negatively impacts the learning environment. In a joint press release from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers and teacher support network, almost 16% of teachers bullied have reduced their productivity or teaching effectiveness. This is caused by what students are saying online which is affecting the teachers. This is affecting the way a teacher manages their class and in the end will hurt the student academically. Of the teachers surveyed 44.2% claim that the perpetrator of this cyberbullying has been a pupil. It is wrong that students are hurting the people who are only trying to help them. Teachers are helpers and should not be treated in this manner and should be respected.

Many take advantage of the platforms that they are exposed to and use them to target or harass other individuals. Cyberbullying is a widespread problem, suicide is a reality, and it negatively impacts the learning environment which is why students online speech should be limited.


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  1. Johnny 9 months ago

    This post was very intriguing to me however I have a conflicting opinion. I believe that online communicating should not be limited because it is a constitutional right, as stated in your introduction. I do not however disagree that cyber bulling and suicide aren’t huge issues in our society. I believe the proper approach we should make is to properly instruct everyone (especially youth) on internet conduct. We should be teaching the dangers of cyber bulling and how to avoid it. On every platform of social media there is a “report” button to notify the network of any user breaking the policy agreement that they signed in order to create their account. I think this is a uncommon method of decreasing the amount of bullying. Of course there is no such “report” button outside of social media. Bullying in schools still takes place. It is most definitely a convoluted and controversial subject with no clear solution yet. Your post was very intriguing to read, however. I think it offers some great points and I would love to see how else you propose to decrease the amount of bullies we have, both online and offline.

  2. Luis 9 months ago

    Dear, Arelly?:
    I am astounded by your post “Should students online speech be limited?” because of how well done you wrote your post. It was absolutely amazing and breathtaking! It was such an honor to read a post from such a magnificent writer such as yourself! One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “This is alarming.” I think this is such an eyeopener. It is in fact true that the statistics you cited are truly alarming, and not much people realize that which is why it was great that you emphasized the importance of this. Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you wrote such an intriguing post and I hope to see what other works you are capable of creating.

  3. Teresa 9 months ago

    Dear Arelly,

    I am very pleased with your Essay/Post because I can agree with what you have written and it is thoroughly explained. I also enjoy how you have information that I can easily read and understand.

    One sentence that really stood out to me was “She was being humiliated and insulted for actions she does at her own free will.” I think that this is powerful. The reason this stood out to me was because I had not looked at the situation in that way.

    Thank you for your writing, bro. I look forward to your future writings because your explanations and knowledge is easily understandable. I also enjoy your writing because it is, again, very powerful. See ya.


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