Schools should limit students online speech because of cyberbullying, low-self esteem, and privacy being invaded .  

The first reason as to why schools should limit online speech is because of cyberbullying. In a study conducted by the Cyberbullying Research Center, we learn that “ twenty five point one percent of females have been cyberbullied ( Lifetime)”. The graph is showing the reader the percentage of men and women that have been cyberbullied and the percents seems to be higher on women than men. Cyberbullying should be limited due to the fact others can be harmed by it.

The second reason as to why it schools should limit online speech is because of low-self esteem issues. Joint press release, from the Association of Teachers and Lectures and Teacher Support Network shows us a chat which gives us the percentage of people’s answers to questions “ thirty eight point six percent of people have been affected by cyberbullying causes them to reduce confidence and self esteem”. The percent of people being affected by their confidence and self esteem is high than anything else on the chart. People everyday are affected by cyberbullying simply because it is not being limited.

Last, but not least the reason as to why schools should limit online speech is because Teachers feel like it invades their privacy and dignity . In the political cartoon by Jimmy Margulies, he illuminates the idea of a “teacher walking into the principal’s office talking about his stolen privacy and dignity”. Students can simply make a teacher uncomfortable by stalking his/her social media and that’s when students begin to invade in their privacy. Schools should limit online speech because even teachers are affected by it.

Cyberbullying, low-self esteem, and privacy being invaded should be limited.



  1. Griffin 2 years ago

    You have a lot of strong points in your argument and you make a decent case for why schools should be allowed to censor online speech. I think you could have made the argument even better if you had acknowledged the other side of the argument and given a response to those issues. By addressing issues like first amendment rights, internet laws and firewalls, freedom of symbolic speech, and citing court cases, you could have made a very effective argument for why schools should be allowed to censor online speech. Overall very well done.

  2. Jackie 2 years ago

    Dear Jamileth:
    I am excited to read your post, “Should Online Speech be Limited? ” because I agree with the point you are getting across. For example, cyber bullying lowers people’s self esteem. As well as their privacy being invaded.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “…38.6% had answered that due to the times they were bullied it created a huge affect which has affected their self esteem”. I think this is agreeable because when many people have low self esteem it leads to depression which can also sadly lead to suicide. Also, nobody should ever feel bad about themselves because we are supposed to be confident in ourselves and how we are. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you explain yourself really well. You also have good facts on what you’re saying and you back yourself up well.

  3. Jill 2 years ago


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