For as long as technology has been around it’s been an online gateway for cyberbullying. Although, is it right for schools to get involved in what students post at home? No. Why should they? Freedom of press and speech is protected by the First Amendment. If it was not important, why would it be the FIRST Amendment? Online Speech should not be limited because it is pertaining to freedom of speech, as well as it not being illegal to speak freely and hurt someone’s feelings in the process, and it schools should be explained that they cannot suspend a student for a post that occured in his or her home.

The most important factor is it is not illegal for someone to get their feelings hurt over another person speaking freely with the First Amendment. In a political cartoon illustrated by Jimmy Margulies, it depicts a teacher complaining to the principal about students taking their pride and dignity. The principal is unphased by the complaint.  That is something that is not even worried about. It is not important as getting money stolen or a social security number or credit card number. A person should not complain each time they feel attacked for hurt over someone said. It is up to the individual to get hurt or let things be.

Yes, cyberbullying is a big problem with technology. You have to understand that an individual chooses who they want for “friends” on social media. There is an option to make your account private or public. As well as,  you choosing who you give your number to. A bug trend on any social media platform that I see is posts saying “Hmu I’m bored.” Which means “text me I am bored.” It is you who chooses who you want to have on social media and who has  you cell. Although, I see there is an extent where a line has to be drawn. In K.K v. Berkeley County Schools it states, “K.K had creates a “hate website.”’ When it comes repetitive there may be a reason to take a post down but still not suspend or punish a student. Especially not by a school. Therefore, I understand why it can be limited to an extent but should be taken care of by simply taking down a post

Another important issue with online speech is school think it is okay to blow things how of proportion. Like I mentioned earlier, it is so much easier just to as the site company to take down the post. Even as simple as suspending the use of media for a while. Which is a consequence that can be received since they possibly posted something at home. As to where a student posting something at home and getting suspended from school. School is all about getting an education and administration enforcing going to class so you do not have bad grades and fall behind right? Then why is the school suspending students for up to 10 days for posting something “silly and immature”? It can easily be taken down. In K.K. v. Berkeley County Schools it is stated, “For punishment, they spended K.K. from school for 10 days.” An example is from the J.S. v. Mountain School District, “Under Tinker, therefore, the school district violated J.S’s First Amendment free speech rights…” There will be angered students who will take a situation like this to court and most likely the judge will be in favor of the student’s right.

If the school wants to end cyberbullying they should not only take down the unnecessary posts but create classes or group that . The schools should not take a right away from any student because they are still grated their rights; no matter how much power they think they have. All in all, online speech should not be limited because there is no law against offending a person and schools think they can suspend someone for online speech but certainly cannot.



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  1. Bella 2 years ago

    Your point was very clear and strong and you backed up your claim adequately. Your use of court cases really added to the validity of your essay, so good job. Also good use of the first amendment. The political cartoon example was a good idea but could’ve been omitted as it didn’t really add much to the essay. Also next time be sure to add concessions (opposing points) to strengthen your argument. Some grammar and spelling issues but all in all really impressive! I can tell that you’ve thought a lot about this issue and made a thought out stance.

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