1. Fredy 1 year ago

    Estimado alberto bedolla…

    Estoy sorprendido de tu publicación que hiciste que es muy corta pero estay muy bien lo que hitite y lo que dijiste de Los carros son lo mismo que los caballos porque casi tienen la misma fuerza para correr. A los carros les ponen gasolina y a los caballos les ponen droga. Un carro tiene como 40 caballos de fuerza.

    Gracias por tu escritura.espero que vuelvas a publicar tro……

  2. Heriberto 1 year ago

    Dear: Alberto

          I am amazed by your publication "Racing Cars," because I learned how hard the expensive ones can be and how they can be. I learned so well that cars need to be able to walk. I also learned that they are as fast as horses. A phrase that you wrote that stands out for me is: "Cars are the same as horses because they almost have the same strength to run." I think I'm interesting because I like how it talk about  the cars and horses is tolling the people that the horses can be like the cars because they are fast like the cars. And I like it as well as he talks about horses running the same as cars and cars have 40 horsepower.
  3. Natalia 1 year ago

    Hi Alberto,
    Did you read that horses are given drugs to go faster? I was surprised to read that, but I really shouldn’t be. It’s like athletes who takes performance enhancing drugs. Did you read that cars have “40 caballos de fuerza”? I have heard about “horsepower” before but never thought about it until I read your post. Is there an actual calculation based on real horses? Please respond! I am learning a lot from your posts!

    Ms. N.

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