Is ICE really needed to control immigrants? ICE stands for immigration customs enforcement and they have over 20,000 agents and 400 offices in the U,S. They also go to certain cities to arrest immigrants that had already crossed the border (U.S. Customs and  Border Protection). Immigration in the US is complicated right now, but ICE is not a solution because they dehumanize immigrants and are inhumane.

Firstly ICE is dehumanizing and inhumane. In an article titled ”ICE Is Using An Alternative To Immigrant Detention. But It’s Inhumane.” by Ruthie Epstein, it tells the reader how ICE is inhumane because they put ankle monitors to track immigrants. She explains  how “A Honduran woman who experienced electric shocks, bruising, hair loss, headaches and difficulty breathing after she started wearing an ankle monitor.” This shows how ICE is inhumane because the woman was dehumanized and therefore  had trouble breathing after she got beat and got eletricuted. Additionally in the same article it states “A mother from El Salvador, suffered inflammation and bleeding around her ankle and numbness in her leg due to her ankle monitor.” And later in the article is explains that  “A third woman, from Mexico, was hospitalized for the sores that spread over her body after her ankle monitor was put on.” These evidence proves that ICE is very dehumanizing towards immigrants since they are hurting people just because they are coming to this country. This evidence also shows how ICE is inhumane by them beating women until they have to be hospitalized. Just because they come to this country illegally doesn’t mean ICE can hurt people however they want that’s why we need to change how ICE treats immigrants. The main question is what Cruz thinks about ICE and his knowledge about ICE and what they’ve done. Ricky Cruz is a case manager in Life Academy. Cruz feels, “ I know they kill a lot of people crossing the border, I know they treat Immigrant people like if they were dirt, they rape people so when I see ICE I think about the worst possible human being that could work for such an organization willing to rip kids away from parents real inhumane”(Cruz). Cruz uses the words “rape” and “kill” to emphacise that ICE is inhumane.

However, we need some type of immigrant control, just border control, because if there wasn’t any border patrol the country would be flooded or overpopulated with people/immigrants. From the website Border Patrol Overview it explains why we need some protection. This article explained its mission and why we need border patrol. The article states “The priority mission of the Border Patrol is preventing terrorists and terrorists weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, from entering the United States” ( . This quote explains how not having border patrol would be dangerous since there would be weapons and mass destruction coming into the country and they dont want that to happen. Furthermore Border Patrol Overview explained how many drugs they gathered from people smuggling in drugs, ”In FY 2012, Border Patrol agents on the Southwest border seized more than 5,900 pounds of cocaine and more than 2.2 million pounds of marijuana” ( This shows that we need some border patrol because if we did not have border patrol there would be a lot of people in this country and way more drug use. A solutions is to take away ICE and just have border patrol. We don’t need ICE since we already have border patrol. Cruz feels without ICE and only bored patrol“ It would be more peaceful.” This quote shows how ICE is not needed since they bring enough oppression into the community. For example, undocumented people being scared to live their lives like a normal person would because they are scared to go outside. Parents having their kids on strict rules because their scared that their going to rip their kids away from them.

In conclusion, America does not need ICE in any community because they harm and take people’s time. America also does not want ICE because they hurt immigrants mentally by scaring them or pressuring them to go back to their country. One more reason America does not want ICE  is because immigrants are abused physically and mentally.

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I interviewed Ricardo Cruz because he is a case manager at Life Academy and has experience with immigration and ICE. Cruz has also lived in Oakland for a long time.

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This source talks about how ICE is inhumane since they put ankle bracelets to track immigrants. this source is trustworthy because The Washington Post is trustworthy.


CC BY-SA 4.0 ICE is inhumane by Ulises is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Robby Zeeb 4 days ago

    I really like the research you have done, these articles are an awesome way to bolster your argument. Especially using the works of RIcky Cruz, who is a perfect person to use for this topic. I liked how your second paragraph offers a solution to this issue; however, I feel that it’s a little vague. To many people who live near the border, ICE is a way for them to feel safe (however misguided this may be) and they may feel like removing ICE is putting them and their families at risk. That’s possibly another direction you can take the blog. Another way to strengthen your blog is to talk about the cruelty in which ICE detains immigrants, primarily children. Here’s an article from Time magazine as a place to start looking into that ( Keep up the awesome work!

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