People who go to jail, or are imprisoned, or have any form of a criminal record, will be hindered by said record for the rest of their lives. The US is not very good at allowing people with any form of criminal background to come back to legal civilization and eventually forcing them back into a life of crime. For example if one were to have a criminal record, and they attempt to buy a house, the owner will already not be willing to sell to someone like that, as well as the fact that every time your credit score is checked and the person sees your record, your score lowers, making it very hard to do things the way they are legally meant to be done. Having a criminal record may limit child custody rights, especially if the charges involve violent acts or instances of domestic abuse. Criminal records can prevent a foreign national from obtaining a green card, becoming a naturalized citizen, or obtaining change in immigration status. Criminal convictions can often make it more difficult for a person to find employment. Most employers require criminal background checks. Finally a person having a record can even lead to losing driving privileges, rights to owning a firearm, and other such things.

Instead, if the people with criminal records got proper treatment by a program that allowed the record to have some form of a pardon attached to it, then people would be able to come back much easier, but would still have some sort of way to get better and get what they need whether it’s rehab or another program that is some form of aid rather than punishment, especially not quite as harsh as what is practiced today. We need to connect housing and homeless service providers. We need to make sure that the people who own the houses understand the efforts the person is putting in to fix their lives

Similarly in the hate you give kahlil was talking about the same thing in the car with Star around the ideas that the US government are tilted against you especially if you’re black or anyone who doesnt fit the mold he talk to Star about this moments before he was shot by a police officer over a speeding ticket as well as the idea that twelve percent of the U.S. population is African American; however 40% of the population experiencing homelessness is African American. That’s a big difference. The criminal justice system disproportionately arrests and convicts people of color. Currently, many housing providers use criminal records as an excuse to say no to people of color seeking housing, whether purposely or inadvertently, relating back to the racism in, the hate you give

If the Us put more money time and energy inton the help of people who don’t fit the societal mold of the US the less homeless people we would have and the lower the crime rates would be across the country, as of now criminals are being punished for trying to survive when often all they really need is a bit of support from the supposed greatest country in the world that they are to entrust their lives and commit their time to only to be turned on in a time of need when they realize they can’t trust said country.


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