1. William 8 months ago

    I agree that video games do not cause violence. If we look throughout history, Rock and Roll was blamed on causing violence, and that Elvis was evil. We know that is not true. While it is true that Dylan Klebold played Doom, this is not what drove him to do what he did. Blaming video games on violence is like blaming cars on getting into crashes. The car doesn’t get into a crash itself, the person who drives it does. I believe this is true with video games. It doesn’t matter if they play video games or not, it depends on their mental state.

  2. Cheyenne M Thompson 1 year ago

    I believe that video games don’t make children violent because for one as a parent we should all be aware of the video games we buy and give out children if we believe it’ll have an effect on their behavior and I also think that game creators shouldn’t have to store making games who those who enough games with gore if they believe children are getting ideas from certain games then that’s when monitoring needs to come in place

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