Immigration separation In US is greatly important to me because I find this to be one of the most greatly inhumane acts going on this year am the year of 2018.  This topic tremendously caught my attention. why? because this issue impacts innocent people, families are being separated, some may not even see their children for another year. This is damaging to family bonds and it’s probably greatly traumatic on young children involved in this. Being separated from their loving mothers and fathers.  About 4 months after this policy, approximately about  245 children still remain in government custody. While about 175 of the parents of children have been deported, While sadly about 125 still remain in asylums. This is only after 4 months.

A great number of organizations have been built to support these families, especially children. Within these organizations, volunteers are needed.   Majority of these volunteers must have some legal experience, speak some Spanish, but overall this is greatly beneficial for the many families suffering, legal advocates can help them when it comes down to their rights as people.  If one isn’t able to Volunteer, one can donate, for the necessities needed, resources, products, and food. While others can use their voices to connect with politicians to share their view on this policy, their disapproval.   As a fellow High school student, to raise awareness about this important issue. I propose, that students should involve themselves as much as possible. In order to advocate these families. Develop Silent protest, volunteering, raising money for fundraisers, Use their voice and take a stand, be the voice of these immigrants. In hopes of showing and bringing out awareness, I have made a video, to show the sad truth, and ways one can contribute to fixing this great devastation. This solution can be more effective than others because it gives an idea of the way people can help. I hope that it will inspire others to take a stand and help these suffering families.

Remember , that this not the fault of the families , because Trump could have fixed this, because most certainly there is no official Trump policy stating that every family entering the US without papers has to be separated but there is a policy that all adults caught crossing into the US illegally are supposed to be criminally prosecuted  and  thus when that happens to a parent, separation is absolutely unavoidable sadly. SO REMEMBER TO BE THEIR VOICE!

In this project, I chose two  of the many rhetoric , persuasive tools. I appealed to the people with the use of logos, and pathos, by appealing to my audience with the use and tone of sympathy. Lastly by providing  doing a great deal of research on immigration showing statistical information on how this is greatly impacting families.

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