1. Dylan 4 days ago

    The interviews and articles you cited made your blog post much more validated. To make a claim like “people are lazy” is one thing. However, you supported your claim well with justifying with civilian testimonies, plus citing statistics from the City of Oakland California website. You made a very convincing case.
    While I was reading, you linked the fault of littering between the people and the Oakland government. While both are surely to blame, I’d like to ask:
    Whose responsibility is to to clean up the litter? Whose responsibility is it to stop littering from continuing, to spread public information about the dangers of littering?
    When I read your article, I thought when the Government was shut down recently. Because government officials weren’t working or being paid, no one was cleaning National Parks; thus, pictures are all over the internet of parks being over-run with garbage littering our beautiful nature sites. The parks weren’t cleaned due to the government shut down; yet, because these sites are for public use and are intended to be preserved for such, shouldn’t people also be responsible for this?
    To stop the issue, who should be taking the first step: the government or the people? Government can fund and circulate projects to stop this. On the other hand, people are more personable and can start campaigns to get others more involved and knowledgeable as well.
    I’d love to hear (read?) your thoughts on this and what should be done.

  2. alejandro 4 weeks ago

    Dear Jessica
    I am impressed by your post tirar basura en oakland ,’’ porque… la gente es perezosa porque no tira la basura en un bote de basura y descarga la basura ilegalmente en lugares en los que no debería que afecta a oakland poco a poco una frase que usted escribió que es destaca para mi es 29,000 vertidas de basura en un año que es preocupante porque… la gente que hoy en dia es consciente del daño que causa al mundo y de afectara a futuro gracias. Por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, porque… tu información sobre la basura me parece un tema el cual se debe de tomar mas enserio de mucha preocupacion

    • Author
      Jessica 3 weeks ago

      Thank you so much for reading my blog. The part of your comment that stood out to me was, “la gente que hoy en dia es consciente del daño que causa al mundo y de afectara a futuro”. A question I have for you is whatever community you live do you see this problem happening as well? I look forward to hearing back!

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