Are you aware of how helpful The Salvation Army is? You’d be surprised of the services it provides. Based on the research, The Salvation Army is very epic by being helpful and benefiting the community. This is true because The Salvation Army help with donations, help homeless and those in need.


The Salvation Army provides services that can help people in specific needs . To begin, a website that gives tips to help people with money and bills, has an article by Jon McNamara which talks about the services that The Salvation Army provides. The article states, “The Salvation Army offers an extensive number of emergency assistance programs and services for Alameda County and Oakland residents. The non-profit tries to meet needs of all types, including basic financial needs, physical issues, mental challenges, financial issues, and they provide extensive social support and spirituality” (Mcnamara). This shows that The Salvation Army is very helpful by providing help to those in need by giving support and offering emergency assistance programs to assure you get help as soon as possible. The Salvation Army also helps people with mental challenges so, they accept everyone no matter who they are. The Salvation Army has a website showing all of their services if interested ( Additionally, the community in oakland believes that the salvation army is helpful and provides good services. An interview with an Oakland resident and Life Academy Student, Matthew Ortiz, stated, “I think the salvation army is very helpful to the community and help people with specifics needs like shelters and stuff” (Ortiz). This shows that people in the community are aware of the helpful services The Salvation Army provides.


To add on, The Salvation Army can help change lives by helping homeless people. An article by Matthias Gafni that was posted on Mercury News shows how The Salvation Army helped a homeless man turn his life around and live happy. O’Reilly (Director of social services and recovery ministries for The Salvation Army told the homeless man, “I asked him how he’s doing and has he ever thought about entering

a drug program and he said, ‘Yeah, I might need that,’ ” O’Reilly recalled during an interview at the Salvation Army Concord Corps, located along Clayton Road. It was that morning that Gan got sober and started to rebuild his life with the help of the same nonprofit where he sought shelter” (Gafni). This shows that The Salvation Army helps people with changing their lives for the better and living happier. The Salvation Army provided the homeless man with support not only for finding a home but also helping him become sober and drug free. Lastly, Oakland residents believe that The Salvation Army is helpful to the community. An interview with an Oakland resident and Life Academy student, Diego Casillas talked about his thoughts on The Salvation Army and if it’s helpful to the community. he shared, “Specifically this community, I would say sure because all the bums around can get like free sweaters and clothes” (Casillas). Diego Casillas thinks that The Salvation Army is helpful to the community because it provides clothes and warmth to people who need it. This shows the that The Salvation Army supports homeless people with warm clothes and services. Diego Casillas is an Oakland resident who visits The Salvation Army store often and knows about the services that they give which makes him a reliable source.


Though The Salvation Army helps many people in need, people believe that The Salvation army discriminates the LGBTQ+ community because of what a Salvation Army Officer said. The Officer agreed on a statement that “gays should be put to death.” The Salvation Army made a response to this on their website (link) and said that the Army all around immediately rejected this statement. The Salvation Army apologizes for this statement and says they do and will continue to the help the LGBTQ+ community if needed.


In conclusion, The Salvation Army helps the community in Oakland by providing many helpful services to those who may need it. The services provided by The Salvation Army give people warmth, financial support, and emergency place to stay, help with donations, recommend programs to help people with certain needs and etc. The Salvation Army is a very helpful organization not only for the community in Oakland but also everywhere else there is a Salvation Army.


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  1. Huitzilopochtli Marron 1 year ago

    Hello Gregorio :). I appreciated your take on the Salvation Army and how it provides for different parts of the community. You used various examples of the groups of people the Salvation Army has helped throughout the years. I’m a little curious if the Salvation Army is similar to the Goodwill stores, which has the same setup. I liked that you came up with counterarguments on the Salvations Army position within society. 🙂

    • Author
      Gregorio 1 year ago

      hi Huitzilopochtli, thank you for replying to my work and telling me what you liked, it means a lot. Also i don’t know if goodwill is similar to the salvation army because i didn’t do any research towards goodwill so i can’t really answer that. thank you for taking the time to read my work and replying to it. (please reply its for extra credit ;). )

  2. Diego 1 year ago

    Hello comrade, I appreciate your use of links in the actual essay so the data is easily accesible and how you have very diverse sets of data so that many parts of the salvation armies’ benefits. (Sal was here).

    • Author
      Gregorio 1 year ago

      привет товарищ по имени Сал, я ценю, что вы читаете мою работу и даете мне эпические отзывы о моей работе. до свидания Сал, мне нужно вернуться к матери русской

  3. Edwin 1 year ago

    Dear Greg,

    I like how use evidence clearly to show how the Salvation Army help people with homelessness, drug/alcohol, and more! While you should have more analysis, you still did great in your essay by showing evidence, reasons, and having a great argument to argue. Also, you should explain more about why the Salvation Army is 100% Epic.

    Edwin M,

    • Author
      Gregorio 1 year ago

      thanks for reading my work edwin, i agree i should have more analysis to show why sal is 100% epic. thanks for the feedback

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