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Immigrants Create A better Community

                                                                    Immigrants Create A Better Community


“I think they’re great, they are what keep Oakland from turning into a “white- washed” community. Immigrants bring the culture to Oakland”( Hernandez). Claudia Hernandez, a 30 year old who has lived in Oakland her whole life shared a quote explaining her thoughts on immigration. To begin, immigrants need to continue to be  welcomed to Oakland and appreciated because they create a more diverse, democratic community and are hardworking and contribute to the economy.


Immigrants in Oakland create a better democracy with more diversity. In the article Here’s The Right Way To Create New, Diverse Businesses by Christine Lagorio, it addresses an interview she had with the Mayor Of Oakland, Libby Schaaf. The interview confirms what the Mayor feels  when it comes to immigration. The article states,Some undocumented immigrants, have become so woven into our communities. Having a diversity of perspectives and life experiences is a vital part of both our democracy, and of a creative, evolving society. These are values that I know my community celebrates” (Lagorio). Schaff states “These are values that I know my community celebrates”, to show how appreciated immigrants are in the community. Oakland values what immigrants bring to the community, immigrants allow there to be more diversity and many different people with all different stories. Immigrants in Oakland create a better future, children will grow up in a community where they can learn from many people from all over the world. This is important because immigration is creating something different for Oakland. To add, another quote from the article, 3 Ways immigrants Are Helping American Culture and Business Soar by Anjana Sreedhar (a news writer) can also support how immigrants bring the diversity. Sreedhar writes, “Thanks to immigrants, America is able to increase its language capacity. Diversity of cultures also fosters diversity of thinking and overall tolerance, especially because immigrants mesh their cultural practices with American customs”(Sreedhar). Here one can see the  benefits of having a lot of diversity in a community like Oakland. Immigration allows there to be more opportunities for Americans, they get a chance to interact with more people who come from different countries and who speak different languages. Therefore, they don’t disregard immigrants because Oakland values immigrants for what they bring to the community.


Secondly, Immigrants don’t come to America to commit crimes, they come for a better future. They arrive to Oakland looking for jobs that they wouldn’t be able to find in their own countries, meaning that they positively impact the economy as well. In an interview with an Oakland resident and a College Track Oakland staff member, Liz Fuentes, she \states,  “Many people, including our president, believe that immigrants bring more violence, drugs and gangs to Oakland. But in reality I believe that they bring a lot of diversity which is very good. They are also good for our economy because they come here looking for a place to work”( Fuentes).  Immigrants help the Oakland community with the economy and diversity. Immigration makes a strong contribution to the economic growth in Oakland. The economy is benefitted by immigrants who begin their own businesses allowing non-immigrant people to also have jobs. Also, the amount of money that people make with their jobs would increase as the economy begins to offer more resources.

However, some may think that immigration causes severe issues. Immigrants are seen to be thieves, gang members, and drug lords. But In reality immigrants are people who want to live in America like everyone else. In an interview with Delmira Regalado, an Oakland resident for the past 16 years now and immigrant herself, Delmira speaks about who immigrants truly are. She states, “In general immigrants aren’t bad. We are just hard working people trying to make living. I’ve been in this country 16 years now and not once have I tried to hurt someone or put anyone at risk” ( Regalado). Regalado  is trying to enlighten others to leave behind the stereotypes that people have towards immigrants. Many people assume the worst of immigrants just because they move from one country to another. It is unfair for immigrants to live with the fact that people don’t trust or see them as real people. Immigrants are human too, they do so much for the Oakland community and Oakland values and appreciates it all.

In conclusion, Immigrants are wanted and needed in the community because they bring the diversity and the economical benefits to Oakland. Immigrants are what keep Oakland different from any other community. Immigration allows Oakland to be unique and valuable.


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