Recently in Oakland it has been more apparent that people are moving out and others are moving in because of gentrification. Gentrification happens when a group of people with more money come into a low income area, and usually when this happens rent starts to go up and new businesses and people start moving in. Due to gentrification some people become homeless because they can’t afford their rent or their building is being sold so that other apartments can be built in their place but for a higher rent cost.


After talking to Oakland locals, people are moving here because they have found it cheaper to live here compared to San Francisco. When talking to an Oakland resident about gentrification Joneta Archibald shared that, “I spoke to a women today who paid $3000 for a studio apartment in San Francisco. Like $3000 in SF for a studio vs. $2500 for a 2 bedroom in Oakland plus you can get a roommate” (Archibald). Maybe people are just coming over just because it is cheaper. But are the people moving in aware of what they’re  doing to the people who already live here? Do Oakland residents know what is happening? An Oakland youth, Jasper Willson, responds, “I wouldn’t have known that this was going on in my community if I didn’t learn about it in class” (Willson). Gentrification is not being explained clearly in the news and the only way that people are finding out is in school. At least students can tell our parents and family but what about others?


But besides the fact of landlords raising the rent on Oakland residents why is the city of Oakland allowing it? Probably because they are trying to push the low income people out and get the people with more money in. When asking Willson about what he thinks he says,“In my opinion I think people are starting to care less about what happened to the poor people of Oakland”(Willson) . In some ways this is true if the city of Oakland cared about Oaklands citizens they wouldn’t raise the rent or sell building off. After looking on the CIty of Oakland’s main website there was results of how much rent has been increasing and decreasing over the years.


           Data gathered from :


    By looking at this graph rental price have gone up and down. But clearly looking at the more recent years (2015 – 2018) the increase was outrageous for some people maybe for others it is still affordable. While talking to another Oakland resident who wants to be anonymous has told me, “Like there’s an apartment across from mine and it used to be full of African Americans/ Asians/ Latinos. But recently white people have been moving in and the others have been moving out.” After she said this it shows that other Oakland residents can’t afford to live here and it’s clearly because of the rent increase. To add on to that she also said, “Plus I think there are homeless now because and few days later a guy came to my apartment building saying he was selling stuff for money cause he has to move out and now he doesn’t have anywhere to live there and I don’t see him anymore.” This shows that due to the rent increase someone has lost their home and now has to sell stuff just to get some money to find somewhere else to live,it’s sad how the City of Oakland is allowing theses rent increase to push people out of their home. But then the City of Oakland has the audacity to say we have to many homeless people in Oakland, like Oakland is making this problem and they are not owning up to it. If only there was affordable housing there would be less homelessness.

But maybe Oakland is benefiting from this rent increase as well as landlords. The way Oakland is probably benefiting is that they can use the money to bring new things into the community which is good but they are  affecting people as they do it. Somethings that residents have noticed is that there are Lime scooters/bikes, bird scooters, and other new scooter companies though they good for the community others might not feel like this is not accessible for residents. First you to have a phone to access the app which not everyone has, then you have to get the app and use a debit/credit card to pay and for people who don’t have a bank account how are they going to use it? But for the people who do have it and pay for it they are giving money to the company and to Oakland. On the other hand landlords are benefiting from the rent increase cause they get new residents who pay more which leads to them getting more money in there pocket.


In conclusion, if Oakland had more affordable housing there would be less homelessness and hopefully less gentrification to prevent more people from getting kicked out their homes.


Work Cited

Archibald, Joneta. “Interview with Joneta Archibald.” 12 Dec. 2018.

We talked about the rent increase she has seen in Oakland and how people who have to move out of Oakland due to it. I believe she is a credible source because she’s been living her since the 70s and she has seen the differences over the years.


Willson, Jasper. “Interview with Jasper Wilson .” 12 Dec. 2018.

He is a student who used to go to Life Academy middle school but currently goes to __high school In my opinion he is a credible source because he has been here since birth a is a strong eye witness in Oakland.



“Learn More About CPI & Allowable Rent Increases.” City of Oakland, City of Oakland, 8 Oct. 2018,

This source was about the rent increase in Oakland and how much prices have gone up over the years. The city of Oakland is a trustworthy source because it is the official page for our city and it is a .gov page which means government.



  1. Mikaela Tiongco 2 years ago

    Dear Christina,

    I am glad to have come across your post, “Gentrification is Hurting Us,” because I feel like gentrification is a significant issue that not too many people are talking about or are even aware of. It’s important and I believe it is causing a lot more harm than good for others.

    One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is “Plus I think there are homeless now because and few days later a guy came to my apartment building saying he was selling stuff for money cause he has to move out and now he doesn’t have anywhere to live there and I don’t see him anymore.” I think this is really moving because it certainly gives a sense of the things they have to now go through because of gentrification. It was really heartbreaking to read.

    Another sentence that stood out to me is “The way Oakland is probably benefiting is that they can use the money to bring new things into the community which is good but they are affecting people as they do it.” This stood out for me because you talk about a pro and a con in one sentence. It is important for people to see both sides of gentrification.

    Your post reminds me of something that has occurred near my hometown. I am from Hercules and I used to go to high school in Richmond. Certain areas of Richmond are in plan to become gentrified and it is just sad to me. The area that people have grown up in and have continued to love is just going to become a wealthy community not all people may not be able to afford. as if rent or paying for a home is not expensive enough, it just makes you think where else these people could go if they were going to be kicked out of their home.

    • Mikaela 2 years ago

      (I have forgotten to log in to my account before I posted)
      -Mikaela Tiongco

  2. Samantha L Swanson 2 years ago

    Hi Christina! I enjoyed reading your blog post. You did a great job defining gentrification as well as integrating evidence and graphs to support your point that gentrification is hurting the majority population of Oakland. I would encourage you to think about the following question: What are steps that the community can take, or even you as a student, to resolve this issue? I would love to hear back from you! 🙂

    • Author
      Christina 2 years ago

      Hi samantha! First of all I want to thank you for reading my blog it means alot to me. To answer your question about how I would solve gentrification in my area to to make our problem more volical weather that meaning on the news or on social media to project how it’s hurting our community. If I were to start off with making this happen I might start off with a instagram account because that’s where people spend their most time. What would you do if you were in my place? ~Christina

  3. Ariana 2 years ago

    Dear Christina,

    I am amazed by your essay “Gentrification is Hurting Us” because you talk about the realities happening in our community that people might be afraid to talk about. One part in your essay that stood out to me is where you talk about how rent is increasing and the impact it has on people. I love how you included a picture of a chart in your essay it makes it stand out. Thank you for your work, I look forward to what you write next.
    • Author
      Christina 2 years ago

      Thank you for reading my blog. I’m happy that you see the what’s behind gentrification and how its hurting our community.

  4. Evelin 2 years ago

    Dear Christina,
    I really like what you’ve wrote in your blog “ Gentrification is Hurting Us’ about the Gentrification in Oakland and the impact is having. One sentence that stood out to me was “ I wouldn’t have known that this was going on in my community if I didn’t learn about it in class” from Jasper Wilson. This stood out because a lot of people aren’t noticing the huge impact is making towards people who hardly have money to eat. I totally agree with you that people who wants or is working at San Francisco are moving in because of the slightly “big” price difference. I’ve known a lot of people who are moving out and for me is a big thing because my mom have to pay a lot and she’s a single mom with 3 kids. I really appreciate for showing and bringing this topic out.
    Thanks for your writing, hope seeing more from you!

    • Author
      Christina 2 years ago

      Thank you so much for reading my blog. I really like how you connected to one of the quotes in my blog it shows me that i’m not the only one seeing what’s going on in our community

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