Cultural Celebrations In Oakland

All cities have celebrations, but what makes the celebrations in Oakland so joyful, special, and inclusive? Oakland is a diverse city that shows off many cultures from around the world. Oakland’s celebrations that honor all communities, oppressed or not, make them special because they promote empathy and break down barriers between people.

Oakland celebrations are so special because everyone is welcomed and they can learn about each other. A 23 year old, after school art/photography teacher at Life Academy high school Aleah Fajardo says she likes to go to festivals/celebrations in Oakland. She explained, “ These celebrations should be inclusive because there isn’t only one group of people in our community so everyone should be able to celebrate no matter who they are” (Fajardo). Many people like to say or assume that these cultural celebrations should only be dedicated to the ones that believe in these celebrations but in Oakland they are experienced by many. When the entire community comes as one it’s so beautiful because people come in as strangers but leave with many new friends. Many families are smiling, eating, dancing, and playing.  The joy that these celebrations bring out are unexplainable. Many people enjoy writing about these celebrations. In Visit Oakland, an article that explains many activities one can do while they’re in Oakland explains “Dia De Los Muertos is a time-honored tradition. Families and friends come together to remember those who have passed with beautiful ofrendas(altars), adorned with orange Mexican marigolds, food and spirits. Oaklands diverse community celebrates this tradition with can’t miss events” (Visit Oakland). This website has included this celebration because when people come to Oakland they wonder what they could do and during the celebration seasons they can choose to participate in one. Many people enjoy these celebrations they even don’t go to work for one day! This tradition has been going on for about 200 years and the tradition to come and honor the lives of loved ones who have passed is important to Oakland. Altars are filled with beautiful bright roses that enchant people’s’ eyes who come and stand to see the beautiful decorations. These beautiful altars are open up to everyone. There isn’t one specific group that’s supposed to observe the altars everyone is welcomed. Going back to the point earlier Oakland Is a diverse city with many cultures from around the world. This is Oakland’s population! This is beautiful because when others open up about their cultures they share what they do and what they believe in.

However, though these celebrations are important and bring the diversity together they can also be dangerous because they can be an opportunity to enhance stereotypes. According to Fox News, a news corporation that is very conservative covered news about how Oakland was planning for a 5 De Mayo celebration. Fox News stated “The lengthy warning, titled “Fiesta Time or Jail Times,” about driving while intoxicated made many references to such drinks as tequila and margaritas, and many people complained it was  offensive” (FoxNews). Yes, drunk driving can happen in a celebration, but Fox news also deliberately mentioned tequila and margaritas in relation to a Latino celebration.Many people were affected by this news because they thought the celebration was going to get canceled. In conclusion Oakland celebrations honor all communities, oppressed or not, and make them special because they promote empathy and break down barriers between people. Many people are able to come out and celebrate these once in a year cultural celebrations.

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  1. Ashley 6 days ago

    Dear Imelda,

    I am proud of your work about “Cultural Celebrations in Oakland”, because you explain how these celebrations help out the community be together as one. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is , “Oakland Celebrations are so special because everyone is welcomed and they can learn about each other”. I agree with you when you pointed out that Oakland Cultural Festival help out bring community together as one. Thanks, for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because talking about the topic of Oakland is really important for our community. We need to stand out for each other and create a supportive community


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