No one is illegal because this is a free country and no one owns it in the first place.Based on the research, it is clear we need to change people’s opinions about immigrants because many are humans too.


To begin with people in the US have different opinions on immigrants. Some people  don’t like immigrants and they want them out of the US. For example in article titled How Deportations Devastate Families and Communities it stated  “ 29% don’t want any more immigrants ,44% are okay with them,24% want more immigrants”( PHILLIP CONNOR). This is saying that 29% don’t like immigrants so it is important to change their minds  about that so they can be okay and understand how the immigrants feel. Another thing is that the 44% are fine with them but they don’t what any more immigrant. Additionally, in an interview Victor (a classmate at life academy/immigrant that came from mexico)  said “everyone should be allowed to be here with us. I also think that immigrants are good people and that they are here to have a better life and to give their children a better future so they can have an education”(Flores). What Victor is trying to say is that he supports immigrants and that

he will accept them. Also this is trying to say that Victor would vote for a law to let immigrants in.

Are all immigrants animals? Do they deserve to be in the US? As mentioned earlier there are different opinions, but no human should be treated like an animal.No human is an animal because all are the same and no one should be treated differently. Also if a person  treats someone like an animal then they should stop because if someone treated them like that they would say “I don’t care”.But in reality everyone care about what people say but they hide the emotion and that is being a bully. .For example in a video Donald Trump said “We have people coming into the country, or trying to come in — and we’re stopping a lot of them — but we’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals. And we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before. And because of the weak laws, they come in fast, we get them, we release them, we get them again, we bring them out. It’s crazy”(Trump). This is trying to say that Trump doesn’t like immigrants and he feels that they are animals but in reality no one is a animal. Also Trump is trying to say that he will try to not let any

immigrants in. As explained earlier, he is being a bully. Additionally in a interview with Jennifer (a immigrant and a classmate at life academy) said “immigrants should not be categorised because they are all human and they just want a better life and the people that are being treated like animals should have a better life than us”(Jennifer duran). What she is trying to say is that people that are being treated like animals should have a better life because they are hard workers and they just want a better life than they had back in their country.Also she is saying that immigrants are the most hard workers out their.


Some solutions are that this country should  help the immigrants out by helping them get their papers so they can be residents and not get deported.Also, changing people’s opinions of immigrants.



In conclusion all immigrants should be allowed here because all countries were not owned by any one but one day someone said  this is my land and that’s how it all started.



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  1. Irvin 7 days ago


    I liked reading your blog because it was super interesting and it was very clear that you wanted to make a change. I really liked your first quote a lot because it had statistics and you analized it pretty good as well and I liked the questions you wrote in your second paragraph a great start to a paragraph I think your work is very strong and hope to see more of your work.

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