I feel very privileged and fortunate to live in the United States, but the system of government Americans live in can portray images that not all Americans agree with. One of the issues that is very prevalent in not only American societies, but societies all over the world is the fear and intense dislike of people from other countries: this fear is called xenophobia. Xenophobia affects many immigrants and refugees around the world who are just simply looking for asylum away from their unsafe country. As citizens of the United States, one of the most prominent nations in the world, we are obligated to diminish this xenophobic stigma we have surrounding our nation through our words and most importantly, our actions.  

Xenophobia affects many nations across the world. For example in the article, Prejudice and Pride in Hungary: Inside the Far Right the author gives examples of how severe xenophobia is getting around the world. The author interviews a man apart of Highwayman’s army and  the man states, “I like being a member of the Highwaymen’s Army because it means togetherness … In order to apply, you obviously have to be Hungarian, and white. Jews should avoid us. They’re not only not allowed to join, but if he asked to join the Highwaymen’s Army I would smack him in the face.” This demonstrates how severe xenophobia is getting around the world.

Views range from different areas of the world, for example my group cited a photograph that was taken at an immigrant protest where a man is holding a poster that says “We are all foreigners somewhere.” This is the opposite point view as the first article I cited, because in the first article it comes from the point of view of residents and the other comes from the point of view of someone with an immigrant background. I believe that is very hypocritical, specifically in the United States when caucasian people feel superior to immigrants, because America was built from immigrants.  

There are many solutions that America and other countries could emulate in order to take care of this xenophobic mentality. In the article Is There A Cure For Hate? It touches solutions of discrimination. One of the huge solutions in solving these hateful mentalities is just being open to changes. In the article Is There A Cure For Hate? It explains groups like Life After Hate which provides right wing extremists with knowledge to become more open minded with their beliefs. By being open to diversity and new ideas, the idea of only wanting to be around people that look and think like you decreases. Just by accepting people and being open minded to people and their stories is one huge step in solving close-minded ideas such as xenophobia.

Immigration will always be a controversial political topic, but it is how the world is able to deal with this political topic that makes such a big difference. Rather than brushing people off because of where they come from, America specifically has to take into account that there a real people being affected by political actions. These policies of discrimination, prejudices and xenophobic actions must change. We need to start creating safer environments for the people around us, even if they are different from us, because in the long run we are all the same.



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