We generate more trash and debris than any other species known to man. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans produce around 250 million tons of trash. Although we recycle materials, trash is being released into the ocean. Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, whales and other marine animals die each year from ocean pollution ingestion and entanglement. This is a serious problem and could result in many species going extinct in the future. In Orwell’s 1984, the government mandates how thoughts and ideas are used and often disposes of them. In our society, many lawmakers and politicians don’t want to listen to the voice of the people and their concerns with the environment. Our current president doesn’t believe in global warming. Likewise when the people speak out and protest about how the country is treating our planet, their voices are ignored.


The ocean is a lively and magnificent place. It is abundant with sea animals, coral reefs and other plant life. However mankind uses the ocean as a dumping ground in many cases. Each year hundreds of thousands of these peaceful animals die. What do they die from? Trash, plastic and oil rig leaks are the number one cause of unnatural ocean wildlife deaths. With this disastrous releasing of trash into the ocean, fish and seagulls mistake it for food. Overtime if we keep this tragic waste disposal up, we may wipe out nearly all life in the ocean.


There are numerous ways we can fix this issue. The first would be to ban all waste from being let into the ocean. If we stop the issue now, we may be able to reverse our inhumane actions. The second would be to have clean up crews collect debris from our beaches and the ocean. Third, we need to address the problem at its heart. If we recycle more not only as Americans but as a planet, we can limit the amount of waste that is being either compacted and buried or released into the ocean.







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  1. Veronica 6 months ago

    Estimado Andrew

    Estoy asombrada por su publicación “La contaminación del Océano” por que es verdad lo que dices cada vez que nosotros los humanos tiramos basura un océano, rio o algo que tenga que ver con los animales del océano, existen más posibilidades de que mueran.Cada botella o empaque de algún producto es capaz de matar q un animal del mar.

    Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es “Cientos de miles de tortugas marinas, ballenas y otros animales marinos mueren cada año debido a la ingestión de la contaminación del océano y el enredo”. Creo que esto es verdadero por que los animales no tiene la culpa de nuestras acciones malas que tomamos de tirar la basura.

    Gracias por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación por que es muy interesante del tema que hablas es interesante. También te llama mucho la atención tus palabras sobre el tema que tomaste.

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