Censorship is a very relevant topic in our modern society. The book 1984 by George Orwell carries many “predictions” of the future, and one of them is censorship in particular. Censorship is the act of removing certain parts or information in the media and hiding it from the public to keep them thinking what you want them to think. This may not be very obviously present in modern society, but it is. Although it may not be as prevalent in the United States, Countries like Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and other war-torn countries have massive amounts of censorship. Egypt, in particular, you can read about here. Things like this are good examples of censorship. Egypt specifically was going through a revolutionary period, and during then people were being killed or “vaporized” in order to keep things from getting out. If they broke certain rules they would be imprisoned or killed. This isn’t even as bad as censorship can get.

Countries like the united states censor things in a more legal way, catering to specific viewpoints and seeing things on any kind of media that you are the intended audience for is in a way censorship. The act of censorship doesn’t exclusively involve in murder and brainwashing, but it exists everywhere. Typically in societies, people who are in power are the uncensored ones, whereas the ones who don’t have very much power are the censored ones. Social media is a way that powerful people monitor media and implement censorship which you can read about here. All in all censorship is a big issue that needs to be addressed and cannot remain the way it is.



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  1. Halley Valente 4 weeks ago

    Hi Tarek! I agree that censorship can easily be a problem many Americans face. We normally think of privacy in relation to the government, but censorship is an equally important problem that we rarely pay attention to unless it directly is affecting us. Here is an article about censorship in other countries you may enjoy https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/censorship-and-silence-south-east-asia-suffers-under-press-crackdown/ar-BBU2lAN I look forward to reading what you ride next!

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