The image on the  page 126, show the  readers how important and beneficial is  have experience to help other.The family of the story have to pass through a lot of situation that unfortunately that were not exactly happy. The father of the family have to leave his daughter and wife or woman to immigrate to find a better life for his family, in the course of the story, the characters of the story show how difficult is to adapt to a new culture, society and environment and not just adapt be accept the hardest thing. In this image the little girl is helping a immigrant like her, we clearly notice that it is a immigrant because the woman have a suitcase, and a paper that look like a map and the little girl is helping her because she fell empathy with the woman because she pass to the same situation and she know how its feel be a immigrant with out help.


        The image represent immigrants and empathy because the woman have a suitcase and the suitcase means migrating moving to a new place and the map represent a search the period. The girl has gone through the same situation, so she feels empathy with the woman and helps her to make her dream journey shorter and easier and not have to face all the problems that her and her family faced.


        In the image I see two people immigrant the girl and woman the other woman she just go to the country and the other little girl is immigrant but she have halftime the woman is coming from her native country to a country that he dont conoce and found a girl and asked her for a place that she had located on her map and but she doesn’t know what street can take to get to that place where she can live, I think she goes to a family, also she has an animal with them as the animal is very happy.

       There are many kind of art in the new house. we can see that the family are eating in the table. one little gir, a boy and their mom. they look very happy. I see that the family have a pet that look that don’t have no hair. The little girl tight her shoes and then she go out with her pet. we can see that she is very happy running and play around. Then the girl pick a lightning clock from the floor and she look carefully. In the morning, in the town we can see flying ship lightning colors and a women that look loose and the gir help here showing where to go with a map.   

Author: Shaun Tan

Country: Australia

The Arrival tells a Universal story of immigration the story is about a man leaving his home to find work and support his family.The arrival is a migrant story told as a series of wordless images that might seem to come from a long forgotten Time. A man leaves his wife and his child in an impoverished town seeking better prospects in an Unknown country on other side of a vast Ocean.

For me this means that they want their life to change and have a Better life than what they just to have i think the husband of the lady Didn’t work before and there daughter did not went to the school they don’t want their child to suffer what they suffer.


This post was created by: Sahiris Martinez , Wendaly Bernardes, Jarlyn Felix and Ricky Casildo


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